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It All Starts With Heart

It All Starts With Heart.

As I am sitting here sick, the reality hits me that its been very close to three years to the day that we lost one of the most influential people in my early struggles to take control of my mental and physical health.

I do not even remember how I found out about the Cardio Coach program. I think I was looking for something I could do outside the world of being with my trainer. The Cardio Coach program was a set of at the time CD’s to walk you through the drudgery that was cardio.

The program was headed by coach Sean O’Mallley (AKA Cardio Coach). Sean was an amazingly talented and motivating trainer when you listen to him on the discs. He truly had a grasp of how much machine workouts had been a challenge, and the work outs had always been meant to be doable but leave you screaming for air later.

But it did not begin to describe how special of a man Sean was.

I have not made it a secret that the first couple years of my journey had been rough. Very few people realize how rough it was for me. I was the master of self-sabotage, and I was defiantly dealing with the mental side of taking control of my health. I did not think I was worthy of being healthy, I didn’t understand why my journey was so tough hense, I wanted to quit frequently. Often, I was depressed, and was dealing with things I did not even begin to understand.

Sean was always available via e-mail to talk about workouts, talk about struggles and to support me through whatever was going on. If my trainer was being a butt, he would be the one to give me the other side of the story and talk me through why things had not been working. Sometimes it would be a matter of telling me to suck it up, that he believed in me, and I just needed to keep going head first through the storm. We never met face to face, but he would always be one of the few I knew I could say anything to. He knew probably more then anyone how rough it was on me, and how much I was trying to overcome.

When I first started running; Sean was the number two person behind me other then my own trainer, telling me he

Always my "other" coach Sean O'Malley.

Always my “other” coach Sean O’Malley.

believed in me. He sent me a Cardio Coach care package, including shirts to wear, CD’s to sell to help with my fundraiser. He wanted me to know that I will always have a Cardio Coach family behind me.

What I never realized is Sean was dealing with many mental and physical health issues behind the scenes. You would of never suspected when talking to him, because it was always all about his clients, all about what he could do to help them find their way. The only thing I ever heard from him is “I believe in you” “You have this handled”

March 25th 2012, Sean took his own life, right before I ran my first full marathon. Sean was suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), from playing contact sports. CTE was responsible for the dark thoughts he was suffering through, the inability to remember certain dates, the fact he could not remember his own age. CTE stole his joy, his desire to live and ultimately lead to him taking his life.

I always make it a point to take Sean out for a run at least a few times a month. I might not do the workout, but being able to have his voice out there, reminding me that “It All Starts With Heart” or reminding me that I have the choice of “being a lion or a gazelle.”

His Cardio Coach legacy lives on with his group of Press Play Athletes who continue to run, walk and ride in his memory. We always talk about how he joined us on the workout, even if its just a memory of his voice when we are outside enjoying our cardio, a dove that sits on the fence, or if its just a reminder of how awesome Ole’ Miss Sports are (but he did always give me grief for being a Sooner with webbed feet) I know we will continue to push on. Because he truly taught us “It All Starts With Heart.”

I will always miss you Coach!

See Jane Run Introduces: Superjane 70

I just want to say this.

This is awesome.

I received the following press release from See Jane Run about a new program they are starting at their events. Take a look and see if you have someone special in your life that might be eligible

SAN FRANCISCO, March 16, 2015 — San Francisco-based women’s running company See Jane Run is offering FREE race registrations to ALL women 70 years old or over. See Jane Run salutes and celebrates the wise women of the world! As we all go through the inevitable challenges of aging, we want to support the woman who inspire and motivate us to keep fit and healthy into our golden years. We also want to motivate you to keep going, to press on and to stay 11001781_10153119709529662_1046587527869082598_nactive as you age. Introducing: SUPERJANE70!

The Superjane 70 program offers special SUPERJANE70 shirts, superhero capes for all of our Superjanes and on-stage recognition for this amazing group of women. Let’s keep moving! As the wise woman Helen Hayes once said, “If you rest, you rust.”

To get your free race registration, use code SUPERJANE70 at checkout. All Superjanes must pick up their own packet, show ID and they can not transfer their numbers to others.

The See Jane Run Half Marathon & 5K Race Series is in The San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle, with races planned next year in Los Angeles CA, Kansas City KS, Boise ID and San Antonio TX. The See Jane Run Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon is in Pleasanton, California.

Race-Kred: The Medal for your Shoe Review and Giveaway

Note: Tomoson Reviews offered a partnership with this product. I received one free and one to give away of the product. As always, all reviews are my own opinion. No other compensation or commitment was provided.

No secret.

I love bling.

Even with life reducing my race schedule a bit, bling keeps me motivated. Bling gets me out there, and going on those days when I am just not feeling it.

When I was approached by Race-Kred about their product, I was immediately excited about it. I am working on training WP_20150313_001for The SF Marathon and for me having that reminder of what I am working for just a glance at my shoe away in some crazy way has been motivating for me to see. I have ran five so it is a wonderful reminder to me that I can do this, I can get through the training. On top of that it has always made me smile.

What can I say? It is just a good reminder of what I have done and what I am shooting for.

They offer a charm for any distance. And for you trail runners out there they offer trail charms. They also have charms for you multi-sport athletes.

I like how heavy duty they feel. I have seen a few of these on the market that strike me as flimsy hence why its something I have never gotten into myself convinced into purchasing them.

The one huge draw back with them is if you look at my shoe, because my shoe has that huge thing on top of the laces the amount of places I could put my charm are limited unless I wanted to tie it in using the small shoe lace they sent me. I just have no luck with trying to do things like that. I have lost more timing chips then I care to admit or confess to that have been tied into my shoes.

The price here is a huge draw. Each charm is only $8.99 which makes it defiantly in my mind an affordable option to get yourself a small motivational treat during training or getting yourself a small reward after a race. And for someone who hates blowing her budget, these make perfect sense.

I am going to defiantly start making these a tradition for races. You can also do custom charms. (Maybe a Seattle one on the horizon, I don’t know.)

Please check them out Race Kred

We are giving away one Race-Kred of your choice. Please check out the raffle copter!

And yes, the headline is professional wrestling related. I am in a better mood with wrestling now that the queen is back. (Excuse me while I do some insane skipping)

Let me do a wide open address. Ever since I opened this blog and stated I would be willing to do product reviews. I keep getting invites for supplements. 99 percent of them are for supplements that are full of things I can’t even begin to imagine what they are. What gets me is I see bloggers I used to respect schlepping them. And I don’t even think they know what they are talking about.

If you read my blog and want me to review your supplement. Please don’t bother. The only ones I am willing to do anything for are things I already use, because I have a picky tummy. I am a Nuun Ambassador, but I have been a user for a long time so for me that was a natural fit. (It is one of the few things that I can do on the run other then Gatorade that does not twist up my tummy.) I am now a big fan of Rengade Roast Coffee, but I bought that out of pocket to try it after hearing about some of the things they do. (And let me be blunt, if you see me pre morning coffee, you get why coffee is necessary.)

This blog will never be about making money. It will always be my chalk board about what works, what does not, what I have learned on this crazy journey. There are some opportunities that have opened up to me because I have been willing to put this out there. But I will only take opportunities that make sense for me to take and are in line with what I am working towards. There are some weeks I might not write anything from my personal voice. Manly because I am moody with my writing at times.

Speaking of opportunities.

IMG_6165I am excited that The SF Marathon has brought me back as an ambassador to this years race. Last year was truly one of the most amazing experiences I have had as a runner. I met some of the most amazing people and made friendships that have truly been a gift. On top of that, I ran a course that literally took my breath away. To borrow one of the sarcastic wrestling lines.

It’s once in a life time twice.

Despite the fact that my outside running life has challenged the amount of time I can spend racing this year. SF had faith in me to raise their banner. (PS use TSFM2015Bonnie and save 25.00) That to me means the world.

I will freely admit. Last year that was my hardest marathon and I did and I was not as ready as even I wanted to be. I am trying to make it a point this year to focus on making to SF in the best shape I can get myself into between work, trying to make stuff happen in my life.

Despite all of this.

There is so much I wish I could be doing right now. I just do not have the resources to do it all.

Oh.. One of those random musings.

It’s funny how fake and negative people have been around me have been as of late. I can’t pin point people but that’s because it has been multiple people. The problem is at points I have let it bring me down. But thanks to a friend, I got focused on just being me. Now I am laughing at these people again.

It’s amazing how aware of this you get.

Enough random musings. Things with my client at are getting crazy busy (this is not a bad thing). Seriously, if you are a sports fan and you have not checked out what you are doing. You are missing out on something amazing.

Goddess Rash Guard Review: A perfect run base layer

Notice: I received this sample product through Tomoson Reviews. Opinions of product are that of my own and no other compensation is received.

I honestly do not know why I did not think of this sooner. I have been looking for a baselayer for my running that keeps me warm without having anything that is unbreathable. I used to do MMA, I used to love my rash guards. They used to be the best thing to wear pre and post workout.

So when I got the offer to do a review for the Goddess Rash Guard I was really curious how it would work.

The one thing I have to warn you about up front is sizing. I went up one size larger then I normally do because I really wanted it to be a little roomy, even though I was going to wear it under stuff. It was a little tighter then I had hoped even one size up.

But for what I wanted, this works.

The higher neck keeps heat in my neck without being overly bulky. The sleeves are long but no quite too long, they are just at the right length even for my longer arms. Its also big enough that if I need to it, I need to roll it up.

One of my favorite trails has a very challenging headwind and this was perfect to help me combat some of the winds that leave me awfuly cold. It blocks the wind and keeps my heat in at the same time. And the thing is I can do it without the bulk of a jacket. This is a huge plus because I hate bulky jackets in general, and have yet to find a piece of running wear that works.

I also like the price. You can get certain colors for right around 24 dollars which makes this such an affordable option for someone trying to keep their running gear on budget. It shipped quickly via Amazon.

The bottom line is the is a surprising plus. It works also for gym work outs when you want to stay warm in our sometimes cold and drafty. This is event a plus for burpees, because I tend to drag myself on the ground a little too much when I do burpees, and it helped me feel a tad bit more comfortable.

I will actually be ordering more soon from them.

#ad #goddessrashguards been a life saver as a running base layer

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March Expresso Bike Challenge: Legend of the Big Wheel @pdxgym

Hey West Coast Fitness Peeps:

March’s challenge is EXCELLENT!!

Your goal is to ride and reach 1,000 points by the end of march. Each ride you do has a certain amount of points based on the elevation of course, so you can choose how you tackle it. You don’t have to ride a ton of longer rides, you can split it between several different rides. If you make 1,000 points you will earn the right to have the Big Wheel logo on your profile and of course if you like the t-shirt you can purchase that as well.

Even if you don’t think you can ride for the 1,000 points, you can help our gym clumb up the leaderboard because literally EVERY POINT COUNTS.

This will start March 1. The graphic will tell you which rides= what points. (They all count other then the real basics). I will also drop a list off at the gym.

01 - Flyer (Web)

Good luck!

Five on Friday: 5 Races to Run on 2015 (And Discounts!!!)

The Friday 5 Link Up that has been hot on running social media "5 Races to Run" has really got my attention and has me dreaming right now. It has me dreaming of all the races that I want to run in the future. This is the first time I ever did the link up because I wanted to throw my 5 in.

1- The San Fransisco Marathon: (July 26th) I have made no secret that after I ran it in 2014, that I have a lot of love for this race. photo34 Last year I had the honor of being an ambassador for them and I am proud they asked me back for a second year. You can read my recap 2014 SF Marathon Recap . I will be honest, this is a tough course. It tested me and kicked my @@# hard. But it I can not explain how flat out beautiful being able to run The Golden Gate Bridge, being able to over look the ocean and all the time you spend in Golden Gate Park is. It really did teach me a lot about how tough I could be when the chips had been down. I mean, this race got so crazy for me, my water bottles started to leak for the first time in five years. But I met some of the most amazing people during the course of the race weekend, got to see things I never imagined I would see (someone ran a half marathon in bondage gear), I got hugs from random strangers, met the best #hostelrunners, and just in general had such an amazing experience. I am anxious, excited and just flat out ready to be able to try this again. I am putting everything I have towards making this my marathon PR time.

And I have a discount on this one.
You can use TSFM2015Bonnie to save 25.00 on the any of the events.

The SF Marathon

2- The Seattle Marathon (November 29th): I am not an ambassador for them. (But I wish I was) And honestly, this is the race I love to grumble about. Some of this course is really tough and the two years I have ran this it has been so cold. But it holds a special place in my heart as this is where my marathon PR is. This is a stunning course to run as it takes you through Lake Washington, you get to run on the floating bridge, and you really get to see some of Seattle’s best scenery. One of my faviorte parts other then Lake Washington is getting to go in the Freeway Tunnel. You get some of the best echo’s as people love to scream. What I have always loved about this race as it has always stayed affordable, I would really put near or the top of the list when it comes to being a well supported course. Every where you turn you have people cheering for you, people wanting to see you do good. On top of this, the Seattle Marathon staff is super when it comes to communication and customer service to their runners. This course is also one of the best when it comes to being slower runner/walker friendly and they even allow walkers to start together earlier to ease a bit of the congestion.

The Seattle Marathon

3- The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon (April 26th): Three of my 5 marathons are from this event. And being it is my first marathon it will always hold a special place in my heart. I have said this before, I can’t explain this marathon until you are there and you run it. This supports the Oklahoma City Memorial Museum and is the biggest fundraiser that the memorial has every year. This is a race you are truly running for a reason. This race starts with 168 seconds of silence to commemorate the victims of the bombing (which leaves runners in tears) , and as you go through out what is a surprisingly scenic, beautiful course you see names of all of the victims. This one also BY FAR has the best water stops. (Gorilla Hill?). The only draw back on this one is the corrals get congested. But I think a lot of this comes from everyone wanting to be so close to the action at the start. The course is beautiful, and not as challenging in comparison to Seattle and San Fransisco, but the weather can push you hard. I can never recommend this race enough to all abilities, all ages and someone who really wants to run for a reason. I promise you OKC, I will be back.

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

4- Vancouver USA Marathon (June 21st) : The last two years the universe has thrown me curve balls that have kept me from running this one. But I have ran the half twice, and it is always one of my favorite events. And if you ask any of my local running friends, its near the top of their must do list. The half course is scenic (other then a small trek through Vancouver industrial district) as it takes you on the Columbia River and through Fort Vancouver. I also like how the community comes out to support the event, and if you can’t tell this is a common thread in races I have listed. The course has a couple rather challenging spots, but this is a good race for anyone just starting our on the half marathon trail because so many people will be out there doing this for their first one. One of the major post race benefits of this race is you also get the chance to attend the Summer Brew Fest that share the space with the finish line area that weekend for free. I mean FREE BEER? What is better then that? This one is brought to you by Energy Events, and it is a company that really does a lot to help in their local running community. In terms of local Portland races, I can’t put anyone at the list higher then Energy Events.

Vancouver USA Marathon

5- Run to Stay Warm (November 22nd) : : When I am talking to friends in Eugene, this one is my favorite to talk about. Run to Stay Warm is a very small race that takes place in the heart of University of Oregon territory.

2013 EWEB Start

2013 EWEB Start

This is a half-marathon/10K/5K option that takes you through Eugene’s big trail system. You spend time on the water, you go by Autzen Stadium, in some of the best parts of Eugene. The thing that always gets me about this race is every penny out of this races goes to raise funds to help people pay their heating bills in Eugene who might have challenges paying the bill. I run this race every other year (this is one weekend away from Seattle). This is another race that is very all abilities, all ages friendly. This is also a great way to break into the half marathon scene without breaking the budget as the half marathon is 35.00. This is another one where the volunteers are part of what makes it special.

Run to Stay Warm

Those are my five. I know I can’t make running all five work this year because of the wierd financial things going on, but they are five that are special to me for all different reasons and the five I will always talk about and recommend.

And one special bonus code. How would you like to run the
See Jane Half Marathon: Seattle SJRAMB15296 saves you 25 percent on entry fees? Look for something more on this race later on.