Being Busy… Being Fearless..

I have been meaning to sit down and work on the blog for a bit but my life has been super crazy. Clients have been keeping me busy with projects, my social media clients are doing big things. My dads situation has been liquid and  I am running….. I have not taken the time to sit down and blog. Because I have flat out not had the time.

I am so unbelivably honored that Skirt Sports just recently named me a 261 Fearless Woman. For those who do not know, this is in conjunction with the first women to ever run Boston Kathrine Switzer, They let me share my story about how running has changed my life and how to me running is totally beyond the idea of PR’s and being fast. It will always be about me finding myself. The feedback that I have gotten was amazing. I have said it before and I will say it again; Running has given me so many amazing gifts, if I can pay it forward so be it.

I have also recently been named a Expresso bike team captain for our gym. I will always be sharing the virtues of how awesome it is to use the bikes at West Coast Fitness. You will be hearing about the latest challenges ect here.  If your gym has expresso bikes, they are the best. Interactive, challenging and just fun.

There is a lot going on  right now, not a lot I am willing to share as I am trying to work on details and I do not dare jinx myself. But this thing is going in the direction I want to go.











Review: Zac George (Personal Training at Fitness GPS- Yukon, Oklahoma)

To be honest, when I made the decision to ask Zac George to work with me, I was a little scared. A former friend has warned me that he was brutal and purposely pushed you harder then you wanted to go. But there was a little voice inside me that knew this is exactly what I needed. I had gotten to my goal weight, but to be honest. I was not happy. I could not explain where I was mentally. I just was not happy with myself or who I was an I had a lot to do.

He did indeed work with me on my weight loss and helped me learn skills and strategies that I could apply for myself. He helped me with dealing with a healthy life style in what is a crazy life. He showed me workouts that I still use to this day to push myself in the gym and took the time to make sure I understood how all the workouts applied and how I could do them for myself. He helped me find my love for running which has turned into quite the obsession.

But working with Zac was well beyond that.

Zac saw something in me, that I never truly saw in myself and at that point probably never wanted to see. He saw a spark of a strong woman. Once he saw that spark he grabbed on to it and would not let go. He used our workouts to throw me into things that I thought I was not strong enough to do. He would not let me give up on it until I got through the other side. He saw throw my self-destructive habits for what they are and called me out on them. Yes, at times I got upset with him about it at times but once I stepped back and thought about it I realized he was helping me see the forest for the trees. He was truly helping me see what was holding me back, and that was me. He helped me set goals for myself not only in the gym, but in my own life and helped me achieve them.

I will be blunt. I have accomplished a lot on this crazy journey, and accomplished things I have never thought ever possible. If Zac would not of helped me see through the other side, I may not of found the bravery to jump. I am now a multiple time marthoner, a college graduate, I have told my story of weight loss and finding myself on amazing platforms and inspired people to make changes in their own life.

If you are in the OKC and Yukon area and get the chance to go into Fitness GPS to work with Zac. I can not recommend it enough. He truly cares about your goals and what you want to accomplish and will help you find your best self. (And trust me when I say I am envious if you get to do, his impact is still being felt)

You can check out his gym on Facebook
Their Home Page:


Disclaimer: I was asked if I would do a testimonial after two years of working with Zac. This review is uncompensated and based on my true impressions of how Zac’s caring and kindness truly helped change the person I was about to become.

Firday Five: Five Random Things About Me

Happy Friday.

This should be fun

Friday Five: Five Random Things About ME

1- If you have not figured it out I love Professional Wrestling. Please no jokes about how its fake, to me it is the best drama going and one of the few forms of drama that does not bore me.

2- I could eat Lucky Charms all day. For some reason the kid in me will never grow up. Lucky Charms are my weakness. I know how unhealthy they are but dang it they taste good.

3- If I could live anywhere it would be Long Beach WA. I spend my summers there and it was always a special place to me. I cant describe it unless you are there, its just a wonderful peaceful beach town.

4- I have been mistaken for a Canadian a few times. I know a lot and have a tendency to let the Canadian verbiage sneak out.

5- Relating to Number One: I am the Social Media Director for the PWF (Premier Wrestling Federation) a small indy group out of NC. I have a lot of fun working with Steve Corino and the wrestlers who are working their tales off to make a name for themselves.

Happy Friday!!

@PDXGym Expresso Team Captain in the House: June/July Challenge

Because for some reason I am overly addicted to our Expresso Bike in the gym, I am now also a Team Captain for West Coast Fitness.

Every month I will be posting the global challenge here so you can see them.

Drum Roll

July Challenge

If you have questions: Feel Free to Ask me when I am there, being I am still in the midst of SF Marathon stuff I may not be at the gym all that much in July.

Pebble Watch Review: A Busy Gals Best Friend

Disclaimer: I received a Pebble Watch in conjunction with being a Ambassador with the San Francisco Marathon. No other compensation was provided.

As someone who is always on the go; trying to help my family, build a business and just trying to keep control over a crazy life. I am always on the lookout for something that will help me stay connected and help me with my running, so when I was offered the chance to try the Pebble I was curious.

First off let’s address running.

I am an interval runner. When I run, I take the run walk approach so one of the first things I looked into was something to help me keep track of intervals. The Pebble has a run/walk timer that keeps track of your intervals and alerts you to changes by vibrating on your wrist. For me who has a tendency to be into my music or into the scenery around me during races, I can sometimes space out and having that reminder constantly vibrating on your wrist is awesome. It will also keep a running time to tell you how long you have been on the road.

Outside of running, I do a lot of work with social media, not only working on my own brand but helping several Twitter Feed on Pebbleothers. I love how connected it keeps me. My clients on the other hand, not so much as it has allowed me to see tweets I would not normally catch. Being able to keep my eye on my clients and my own social media through the Twitter and Facebook is essential. It also has calendar functions that will keep you tied into your Facebook or whatever your phone calendar is which I know in my case keeps me more organized. That is never a bad thing.

Also, as I start life as a Zumba instructor, I love the Bluetooth music controls. It allows me the chance to practice without having to run back to either my phone or IPad to restart a song or rewind. It has helped me a lot with being able to not only control music during my practice but during my runs as well.

Hunger Games WAtch FaceI have just started to learn watch face making. Making your own watch face is easy but I for one love picking through the ones others have built. I am a huge fan of the Hunger Games and I love the Mockingjay watch face. You can also change your watch faces based on your mood, as I will often go between that, my second home of Seattle, and even a Minnie Mouse Watch Face. There are multiple interfaces available to help you make your own.

I am still learning more every day on how much this watch can help me. As a runner it has helped me with intervals; as a social media specialist, it has kept me connected to clients. For those who have lives that are non stop, this is a must have.

You can check out more about the Pebble at

Dear FitBloggin 14

Dear FitBloggin 14-
I figured when it was announced that FitBloggin was heading to Georgia, I knew it was going to be a fight to be able to make it. Then as we went down the road with my dads ever challenging health issues, I realized there would be no end in sight, and I needed to make some decisions. The truth of the matter is as much as I want to no only go to FitBloggin, but do more races, ect. The resources aren’t there, and as long as my dad is not home, the resources are going to stay tight. So sadly, I will be enjoying it from the distance of Portland.

To new Fit Bloggers: I know how scary it is. When I went to FitBloggin in 2012, I was shell shocked. So many bloggers that I loved had been there and at this point, The Zombie Running Princess had not even been born yet. I did not even know if I had a story to blog. I honestly at points did not know what I was doing there. I tried to stay in a corner as much as I could and make myself as unnoticeable as I could, but around these people it is impossible. Once you come to FitBloggin you are part of the family. Even if you are a new blogger like I was at the time, they make you realize you can do it. They also help you realize that I indeed had a story to share. Yes, I was still a wall flower, but the people I connected with truly touched my heart. For me, FitBloggin 13 was my year to come out. I finally popped my Zumba bubble and taught on stage, I did my Ignite presentation even though the slide show died on me and I forgot my speech all at once. I took a whole ton of friends to Paddy’s and we overtook the back room. I really felt like I was sharing a bit of home with my family. The bottom line, is you will be fine. You will make friends that will stay with you. You will do things that scare you.

To FitBloggin Vets: There is no way to thank you enough for bringing me into the family. I learn from all of you each and every day, and each one of you have a very special gift and magic that you are brave enough to share in the hopes it inspires someone. So many of us are in awe of you and feel like we are meeting our heros. Never forget the impact you have on people. Even to this day, I feel like I don’t belong in your company. Keep sharing your magic, and keep making the world better.

Always in love.

Friday 5: Strong is

I got inspired by one of the Friday 5′s I saw with another blog. To me this is one of the better ones and this is one that really made me thing

Here it is.

Strong is

Strong is confidence: Being able to hold your head up high no matter what life may throw at you.

Strong is trusting yourself: I was honored to be able to share my story with Skirt Sports about how running has changed me, and one of the themes that kept coming across is trusting myself and trusting in my abilites. That is what started turning things around for me

Strong is focused: Sometimes goals need to be reevaluated, a lesson I keep learning. But to me being focused on a a goal and being willing to through everything you have at it.

Strong is: Being real. Being your real authentic self. So many times we are afraid of showing it.

Strong is: Believing that everything is possible. This is actually on the t-shirt I am wearing right now.

#VegaSport Performance Protein Review

Disclaimer: Through my ambassadorship with Sweat Pink I was provided a samples of the Vega Sport Performance Protein and their hydration drink. No other compensation was provided.

I will freely admit it.

I am picky about supplements and protein.

When the opportunity came up to review, I originally asked to review the hydration drink because I am always on Vega Sport Protein the lookout for good marathon hydration options. The problem is my tummy is super particular about what it likes and what it does not like, especially on long runs. The hydration drink did not work for my tummy. But I let multiple friends sample my package and they loved it. So for those looking for a good hydration option, you might want to look at this.

Being I was still on the lookout for a good protein option, I asked them if I could try the Performance Protein drink, which they had been kind enough to provide.

Nutrition Specs:

What I really like about this, it is a simple no frills protein, there are not extra chemicals or additives. With my PCOS one of the things my doctor has wanted me to stay away from in Soy. This is has zero soy which makes me feel like it is something I can use on a day to day basis without having to worry about the fact that it might be messing with my hormone balance. I also like the fact it is lower in calories. Especially after I do a hard run or a hard bike workout I do not need the calories, but I need something to help me recover.

Taste: It is not bad. It does not taste like ice cream but the vanilla flavor tastes like a really good quick smoothie. As someone who loves smoothies, this is a good thing.

Recovery: I have been using it after the hardcore bike workouts that I do at the gym. These workouts have a tendency to drain me of everything after and I need something quick and easy to have after. Sometimes I go so hard that I make my tummy rocky after and this has been a perfect solution.

Final Opinion: For me who is a complete sync when it comes to protein I am really happy to have an option that will work for me without all the worries that come with the hormone issues, calorie issues, ect.

Run Like A Girl 10K Recap: 10K’s are getting better

So let me just state it.

I do not like 10K.

It has been the thorn in my side for a long time in terms of distances. I never seem to find my footing. But one of my small goals this year has been to work on getting over my 10K issues

On June 1, I made my way across to Vancouver to help support Second Step Housing (which raises funds to help those needing housing assistance.) The 10K started at Pearson Air Museum on the grounds of the Historic Fort Vancouver, That in itself provided for some amazing views as I walked from the bus stop to the start. WP_20140601_004
Packet pick-up was a quick painless process. Bag check was easy to find right in front of the museum. I decided to hang out on the grounds of the fort to watch the kids race which is always an amazing thing to watch. I am glad to see so many races trying to get the kids involved and make it affordable.

The runners got called to the start line, and they had asked for faster runners to come to the start line and the rest of us to fall in in back. Being I am still coming off of the marathon 5 weeks ago, I had no desire to push the pace, I wanted something solid that I could work on going into SF in 8 weeks.

This race takes a different route then any of the events in Vancouver. You start going through Fort Vancouver and take the land bridge in reverse. Anyone who has ran the land bridge will atest to it. Its just one big old nasty up hill either way, and then a down hill. But it gives some of the most amazing views of the Columbia River and Vancouver.

Once we came off the bridge, we went down to the water front and ran the water front trail which is traditional for Vancouver races. The 5K’s turned around at the end of the waterfront, while those of us running the 10K, wound our way through a couple parking lots and made it back to the main road.

I was cutting a pretty nice, but something really sustainable. The water stops had been small because this race had been really small to begin with. Water was at the ready and had great volunteers.

The bad news about the land bridge is you had to do it twice. But I was lucky that my interval was that I was walking the uphill coming back.

The race was an absolute delight. It was such an amazing peaceful morning. The finish line was well stocked with fruit and chips for post race.

After the race, they did awards. But people kept leaving the race early, so when they finally got to the raffles, they ended up giving things away to the person closest to the number which was cool for me because I ended up winning a basket of supplements from the local health store.

This is a great race, and the first time I have ran it. This will probably be one I find a way to put on my calendar next year.

$5 5K – And the first adventures in trail truns

First off, welcome to my new design and my new page. Obviously if you follow me on twitter you already know this was not by choice, when I went to do some design stuff on my page and managed to crash not only my page, but I did a number to my back up as well.

Eventually I will get the rest of the old posts back. But it is what is is.


Today as my first race since the OKC Marathon. I knew from my experience of the past couple years, that I did not want a high millage race for a bit coming off of OKC, plus I had still be dealing with blisters from OKC. I heard about the City of Portland’s 5 dollar 5K series for awhile, and had been wanting to try it because lets face it, a race that fits the budget is a good thing.

What I did not expect is for this to be my first adventure in trail running.

This race was close to home (a less then 30 min bus ride) which made it nice. I got to the race about an hour or so early, and was through bib pick up within five mins.

Being it was pouring down rain I decided to huddle under one of the many trees right by the start line. The mood was different from a lot of races as it was a really feel good mood. This lived up to its reputation of being an all ages, family friendly affair. It did not have the same competitive feel.

The kids race, which was one lap around the old Whitaker track, took off before the 5K. It was so much fun to support the kids. Those who had not been running with kids lined the track to cheer the kids into the finish. Each kid who finished got a finishers ribbon to take home with them.

Then it was time for the main event. I had no intention on trying to run this full out as my goal right now is to work on marathon timing and pacing. And I am glad I had this thought because I did not realize that this course was a cross country/trail course. We went up off the track, into the park, and around some of the fields before we went into the trees, up the hill and back down following the trail on the outer edge of the park. The only part of this trail that is paved and not grass or mud would be the part of the track. You did three laps of the course.

What I found was that indeed that running off road is tough. I had some serious slips and slides in the part of the mud. And trying to find my grip climbing hills in the grass worked muscles I did not think needed to be worked ever.

I actually had a lot of fun with this race because it was a brand new challenge that I did not expect and I had to learn on the fly.

For finishing the event, all finishers got ribbWP_20140518_011ns which was an awesome little surprise. This is an amazing friendly family series. It is nice to know races do not have to be so expensive in the long run to provide a great family friendly experience.