October 2015
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#261Fearless: Joining the Movement

Its has never been a secret that one of the causes I am proud to be behind is the 261 Fearless movement by Kathrine Switzer.

I have been asked and very excitedly accepted an invitation to join a new program and be one of the founding 261 Fearless Ambassadors.

261 was the number worn by a KV Switzwer in the 1967 Boston Marathon. At this time racing was not considered a women friendly event. An angry race director tried to attack her in the second mile to take that number away from her; angry that a women would of entered her race.

Kathrine continued her running career completing 39 marathons, and won the New York City Marathon in 1974. She ran unnamedher personal best in 1975, finishing second in Boston (2:51:33). She then put her substantial energies into creating the Avon International Running Circuit of women’s only races in 27 countries with over a million participating from 1978 to the present time. It was this series of events, which showed global participation and performances that largely convinced the IOC to include a women’s marathon in the 1984 Olympic Games.

The words regarding the 261 Movement are amazing.

261 Fearless

is a global community of women, be she a walker, jogger, runner, or front of the pack racer, who have found strength, power and fearlessness from putting one foot in front of the other. This strength has allowed her to overcome doubt and adversity in her life and she has the ability and desire to give support to other women who want to take on their personal challenges through running or walking. This is a safe community of support, respect, friendship and sharing of accomplishments and a place for women who want to become runners and walkers to find their fearless through the connection with others. We take no notice of ability, body-type, religion or ethnicity as we all hold the universal language of putting one foot in front of the other. We communicate on social media as @261Fearless, through closed social channels and personally in our communities, clubs, groups and at events. We are here because sometimes, you just need to know you are not alone. If you are a female runner or soon to be runner, please join the 261 Fearless Movement.

261 Fearless Mission

is to bring active women together through a global supportive community – allowing fearless women to pass strength gained from running and walking onto women who are facing challenges and hence sparking a revolution of empowerment. 261 is the symbol that unites us as empowered runners and walkers.

I am proud to get out there and share my story. It is because of running that I have found my fearless side. Sometimes I needed to be reminded that it is in me; but I am proud of being part of it.

Running has truly taught me to appricate how strong I am. I also has gotten me to appricate that I did not need to be an unhappy person. That I have the power to define my life.

I am hoping by the end of the year in 2016 that I can help bring together a 261 Fearless running club here in Portland for everyone to get involved with running, to motivate and challenge each other.

October Expresso Bike Challenge: “Ghost Busters” @pdxgym

Can I be honest?

I am not excited to see this one back! It pushed me last year and I did not make it.

Its simple.

Beat 10 of your ghosts (previous times) before October 31.

01 - Flyer 8.5 x 11_ (Web)

All Aboard The Rescue Train.. Join us at Race For the Rescues

This is George your heavenly canine reporter encouraging all of my four footed earthly friends to get their owners to board the “The Rescue Train”. I was rescued after my first two years of living chained to a wall wondering if the big guy next to me might regard me as his lunch.

The “Rescue Train” will be arriving at the Portland International Raceway on Sunday October 11th bringing a fun Copy of PDX Logofilled morning of running or walking for you and your entire family. The Race for the Rescues offers a Kids race, 5K, 10K and a special 1 mile Dog Walk. You can also get your morning exercise in and run with your owners in the 5 and 10K. A beautiful finishers medal will be awarded to all those who complete the kids and 10K distances and a specially designed Tech race shirt will be given to all adult participants.

Some of your favorite vendors will be there which means lots of treats, water bowls and special attention. You will need to be on your best behavior even around those pesky cats that may be looking for a home as well as some of your brothers and sisters in fur who are currently up for adoption.

Food carts, a beer garden and special quests including the Timbers Street Team with some special prizes, and live music by Bridgeless and Summer will be on hand for your family. The entire event and festivities will be hosted by Claire Coffee, star of NBC’s Grimm.

This is the second annual event and 100% of the profits will benefit local rescue groups including “Lovers
Not Fighters” Pit Bull Rescue, “Must Love Dogs NW”, “Pacific Pug Rescue” and “Project POOCH”. High paws to all of you and others to that help to find us loving homes.

Going to grandmas or have other plans for that day, don’t feel like you lost your last bone, you and your
owner can help out the cause by registering for the virtual “Couch Potato” race. Entrants will receive
their shirt by mail shortly after the race.

To register simply paw your way to Race For the Rescues

Enjoy your day and keep in mind all of your fellow tail waggers you will be helping.

Editor Note: My mom; Kathryn Wilson wrote this blog in honor of our late rescue George. We will both be there in hise38077e83bdda17a9c04f52076c8159a honor and to help other rescues.

Ruby the RuniCorn takes on @Thecolorrun #shineon

My name is Ruby; and I am a Runicorn.

I am not just any unicorn; I am one of the many runicorns that you might see riding along with walkers and runners at your local Color Run event.

I got my name and my new home on Friday during packet pick up at Kohls here in Portland. Packet pick up is great.

Thats me! Ruby when I came home Friday night.

Thats me! Ruby when I came home Friday night.

You bring your confirmation, they scan it and assign you a bib. You pick up your shirt, headband, samples, and temporary tattoos.
They also have a small merchandise store set up so you can get your t-shirts, souvenirs and you can bring home your own runicorn.

Saturday morning arrived bright and early when I got shoved into my travel bag and took the long journey to Portland International Raceway.

Once you arrived and made it to the race area, you had a lot of booths with great vendors who wanted to give you free stuff, but we had been running a tad bit behind schedule so we headed straight for the start line.

The start line was well organized, they let groups of Color Run faithful out in intervals so the course would not get crowded. They even had bubbles! I went with my owner and her friends for the adventure. One of the neatest things about The Color Run is you see people of all sorts of ages, sizes, abilities, shapes and colors. This is truly the race for everyone and its the race where everyone supports one another and really does cheer each other on.

Our new owner tells me that the course changed this year, and it was closer to a 5K distance. It also did not have any gravel which made last years fun course even better.

Me, my owner and my pals at the Yellow!

Me, my owner and my pals at the Yellow!

You started with a cloud of glitter. For some reason I didn’t get hit with the glitter (and I am a Unicorn I LIKE GLITTER.) But the rest of the color stations all made up for it. The color volunteers are top notch and so energetic that this unicorn might of been caught dancing a few times. I think my faviorte was the Blue.
Once of the things my owner loves about The Color Run is how much they try and improve things every year. This year there had been two opportunities to get water, which was great because the course was hot.
When you finished you got your medal, and your color packets. This year it included one packet of glitter. The medals are new this year and they are quite awesome.

The post race party at The Color Run is epic and is something you have to witness. We got in on one of the last color throws, which was the most epic one I have ever seen. I got colorful.

I know my owner loves The Color Run; it truly a fun way to get out there, get active and truly celebrate (even if you don’t have a reason to celebrate) and it’s an event that gets better and better every year.
Make sure you check out The Color Run if it comes to town. Check out the schedule by clicking the banner below.

And if you use the code MLC768541

You save $5.00

And by the way…. I looked awesome


Note: I have had the pleasure of being a Color Run blogger for the past two years and I am now a Color Run afiliate. By my opnions are truly my own. I love this race.)

$5 5k- Laurelhurst Edition: Not my prettiest 5K, but the prettiest 5K

If you have been with my blog or any length of time you know I am a HUGE fan of the $5 5k Series that is put on by the Portland Parks and Recreation Team. It is meant to be a family friendly, all abilities friendly and more important budget friendly series of races that feature Portland’s pretty amazing parks system.

Laurelhurst was one of my favorites last year. This year I had every intent on running most of them but my schedule has been nuts. But I was not going to miss this one.

The 5K here actually is challenging. The course takes you from the cottages (and bathrooms) and you head up and around the lake. Going up and down some little climbers before you take a straight uphill jaunt by the street before coming back towards the cottages. And you complete the course 3 times. It is truly beautiful, but just be aware when you sign up for this one that it does have some challenging hills that some kids did not like.

The nice thing. Is this race offers a pretty flat kids dash which is completely free. And no matter what race you IMG_7644finish; you get a finisher ribbon.

I have not been focusing on my 5K time for awhile and I honestly have not ran since SF. I really just flat out have not felt like running all that much. So I went into this with zero expectations. I started off really solid but the hills got the better of me and I felt the fact I have not ran as much as I should be doing. I ran decent, but no where close to a PR, or where I could be if I had been focusing on a 5K speed run.

This event is so fun. After the event people stay and root for each other, adults without kids cheer on each other. There is indeed some competitiveness, but its a supported environment.

The thing to know about $5 5K’s is they are no frills, but fun races. You will get little treats from the vendors to keep you fed, but you will get a number, a finisher ribbon, a well organized family-friendly and well supported event.

The frusterations of fundrasing…

I hate fundraising

I always have. But when George passed away I decided I needed to do something in George’s honor after he passed e38077e83bdda17a9c04f52076c8159aaway; I found the Seattle Humane Society program and I fell in love with it. Its a program that dedicates every penny to the animals and making sure they find their forever homes.

Last year I was able to be one of the top fundraisers in the program, it took so much work but I feel like I really made a difference so I really wanted to do it this year.

The thing is the well has run dry.

I really do feel like giving up.

The thing is I started looking at George’s photos and I know we can help find others a forever home.

I will keep this open; and I will keep the cavort that any donations, I will do a physical/Funny/Goofy dare of your choosing (within reason, and we may have to modify) and I will do it on Periscope to boot.

Charity Athletes- Seattle Humane.

Join up with your favorite girls at the Girlfriends Half And Quarter Marathon this October

Note: Why Racing has been kind enough to offer me a free entry in trade for talking about their event. The thing is; I LOVE their event. Its my PR on a half marathon course and its by far one of the prettiest courses in the Portland/Vancouver area. So these opinions are my own.

Girlfriends Run for the Cure is a truly one of a kind event that will be taking place Sunday October 11, in the Portland/Vancouver area that brings together ladies (and some very brave and inspirational guys) to raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness (Through Susan G. Komen). The event was founded by Sherri and the team at NW Personal Training in Vancouver WA. when one of her best friends was diagnosed. The team goes out of its way to make sure every lady who comes out for the half or the quarter marathon get pampered and honored for making the commitment to run.

The course, is AMAZING.

The half marathon takes you through the waterfront trails of downtown Vancouver. You turn around and head through the Ft. Vancouver (before you ask, the big hill is there but it gives you amazing views). Then you head through a gentle loop in the Grand Central before coming back to the finish line.

The quarter marathon takes you through downtown, down to the waterfront trail, back through Ft. Vancouver and Officers Row before making it back to the finish line.

When you come back towards the finish you will be met by the firefighters of the city of Vancouver who will present you with your finishers medal and you will have a chance to enjoy a massage, a stretch session, raffle prizes and one of the most positive encouraging finish environments you will find. I have ran it twice, and the support on the course is truly energizing, and the finish line is truly about ladies supporting each other.

And I mentioned the guys. This is a ladies only event unless you become part of the Pink Brigade. These are brave guys who go out of their way to raise 500 dollars for the cause; and that gives them the chance to be one of the only 50 guys who are allowed to run with the girls.

YES GUYS; 50 guys to 3,000 girls.

On top of all this; there is a kids mini marathon which makes it a perfect event for the entire family.

The amazing thing about Girlfriends is since they have started; they have raised over $350,000 dollars for Breast Cancer awareness; which makes it a one of a kind event in the NW.

I can’t encourage you enough to get involved with this event. It is truly a special event for a special cause.

Please check out the link for more details

Why Racing Presents: Girlfriends Half and Quarter Marathon

And check out the following video: You will get why this is so amazing.

#ExpressoBike #ExpressoStrong September Bike Challenge for the American Cancer Socitey (@PDXGym)

This will be Septembers challenge for the Expresso Bikes. Its not to early to start planning.


#cosmo7K: Earning My Cosmos Through Volunteering

I love volunteering.

Running has done so much to help me, especially in the last three years as we have been dealing with dad being sick. Even when I can’t quite afford all the races I want to run, I try and volunteer as much as my freelance, blogging, and whatever life allows me to do. It is my way to give back to the running world.

I had the honor of being a Course Marshall in two different locations for the Energy Events Cosmo 7K in Vancouver Saturday night.

I have ran this event before, and it is a whole different creature. Its an all ladies event and I think the best

Selfie from my spot.

Selfie from my spot.

comment I have ever seen made about it; is it is the true “Running Ladies Happy Hour.” Energy Events does an amazing job with putting together great; runner friendly events.

But this is the first time I have volunteered for them.

I course marshalled at two of the key points on the course. The second turn as the ladies started to head into downtown Vancouver; and one of the final turns as the runners and walkers headed towards the final stretch. So it gave me some of the best views of the crowd.

The ladies who ran this event where amazing. You saw a lot of groups of people running/walking together inspiring each other and cheering each other on. I brought my little Storm MP3 player for an extra dose of music and a lot of ladies wanted to dance. (Dang the old school rock mixes I had loaded)

To me, being able to cheer people on and help a group that is so pro runner and runner friendly. I got into it. I had brought cowbell; I was feeding off the energy. And the ladies had been the most appreciative group of ladies that I have ever had the pleasure to volunteer for.

I just wanted to take some time and some blog space to congratulate the ladies for truly making the Cosmo 7K a spectacular event. And Energy Events for bringing us all together.

I can never say it enough, volunteering is awesome. I encourage you if you can to see the race from a different perspective and get out there and volunteer.

UV Half Buff Review: Where have you been all my life?

Note: I received mine UV Half Buff as part of the team at Bib Rave Pro. As always these opinions are opinions of my own. If you are active on social media you should join up with Bib Rave Bib Rave Pro

I hate hats.

I barley like headbands.

I have an abnormally large head. (I wear the biggest mens size hat, if that should give you any indication)


If it does, it makes my head look bigger, or it gives me a headache because it barley its.

And my hair has paid the price. It is a common conversation with the people who do my hair that my scalp is sun InstagramCapture_6a03b40b-a62d-4fdb-b08b-b90a59df9df4burnt.

I was beyond cynical when the opportunity to do this review came up. But when it comes to the UV Half Buff. The title of this blog says it all.

Where have you been all my life?

The UV Half Buff is supposed to be for those of us who are more active. It weighs less, is made out of a less dense more breathable fabric.

Fit: It fits my head beautifully. I love wearing it not only when I am out running but it is perfect for when I am out and about doing chores. I can have it covering my scalp when I am out for a long run as it has UV protection. I can use it for a headband I have also used it as pony tail holder a couple times, and nothing has stretched. The bottom line is it fits well on my head and stays comfortable no matter what I do.

Comfort: Its been great for me in the awful heat that we have had in Oregon. Its been great about keeping sweat out of my eyes when I was finishing up training for SF. I have taken it on the Expresso bike and it helped me stay focused on the screen because it kept the sweat back. And it never moved. I never had to adjust.

Design: I WANT ALL OF THEM. I ordered the Arc Angel because the white and black goes with WP_20150807_003everything I like to wear. But there are so many designs no matter what your favorite things are. I think my next one is going to be the Oregon one.

Price: If you have followed my blog for any length of time you know one thing I am rather cautious of. At 15.00 it puts them on par with most of the sport headbands and hats that are on the market and they give you the versatility and sun protection of both at the price of one.

I am getting another one. There is no question. Buff USA is suffering fans of Bib Rave Pro Bloggers a 10 percent discount by using the discount code BIBRAVE. Check out all the UV Half Buffs at the following link.
UV Half Buffs

I am not the only one, here are the blogs of my fellow Bib Rave Pros
Sarah M.