When I first started running, Skirt Sports played a huge part in the runner that I have become today. When I gave running a second chance after the entire “I don’t want to run ever again” melt down, it was the Skirt Chaser 5K in

Meeting the CEO of Skirt Sports way back when.
Meeting the CEO of Skirt Sports way back when.
Vancouver. It was actually an amazing event. But in the last mile or so I had the pleasure of running next to Nicole DeBoom, the founder of Skirt Sports and true Ironman hero. She was amazing and talking to her was inspiring.

When we made the last turn, she spotted a couple running ahead of us and challenged me to push hard and see if I could pass them.

Well, I did and at that point I set a new PR. It was the most fun I have ever had while running.

Skirt Sports has always played a huge part in my running. I sport my skirt every chance I can get.

I have also been honored as a 261 Woman with Skirts Sports and have been able to share my story of how running truly helped me find my freedom. Skirt Sports gave me an opportunity to inspire others.

So being able to be a runner in their #10on10 Skirt Sports Virtual Event that celebrates their 10 year anniversary, was a no-brainer and an honor.

If you have not seen the weather in Portland, it is stupidly hot, and today we are having issues with air quality due to the regional wildfires. Knowing that mother nature was going to pose a challenge, I decided to run it on Thursday as it was almost a picture perfect day.

I took to my faviorte trail which heads into St. Johns, crosses the St. Johns bridge and heads for Linnton. I was actually at a really nice pace, and just really enjoying the run, which is my entire goal right now. I have stressed so much about runs as of late, I really want to focus on just running for fun again.

photoGridImageI am alone on the trail most of the time, but on this day a couple people I see on the trail from time to time had been out pushing the pace, so I decided to jog with them for a bit, I made the turn at the water fountain and waited for them because they set a great pace.

This was my second 10K in two days so my legs got tired on the hill back to the St. Johns bridge. But I knew I wanted to finish strong and earn my new Skirt.

I can’t think Skirt Sports enough for being a part of my running family. The products are always amazing, and the amazing supportive culture that the help, is what keeps me running.