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$5 5K – And the first adventures in trail truns

First off, welcome to my new design and my new page. Obviously if you follow me on twitter you already know this was not by choice, when I went to do some design stuff on my page and managed to crash not only my page, but I did a number to my back up as well.

Eventually I will get the rest of the old posts back. But it is what is is.


Today as my first race since the OKC Marathon. I knew from my experience of the past couple years, that I did not want a high millage race for a bit coming off of OKC, plus I had still be dealing with blisters from OKC. I heard about the City of Portland’s 5 dollar 5K series for awhile, and had been wanting to try it because lets face it, a race that fits the budget is a good thing.

What I did not expect is for this to be my first adventure in trail running.

This race was close to home (a less then 30 min bus ride) which made it nice. I got to the race about an hour or so early, and was through bib pick up within five mins.

Being it was pouring down rain I decided to huddle under one of the many trees right by the start line. The mood was different from a lot of races as it was a really feel good mood. This lived up to its reputation of being an all ages, family friendly affair. It did not have the same competitive feel.

The kids race, which was one lap around the old Whitaker track, took off before the 5K. It was so much fun to support the kids. Those who had not been running with kids lined the track to cheer the kids into the finish. Each kid who finished got a finishers ribbon to take home with them.

Then it was time for the main event. I had no intention on trying to run this full out as my goal right now is to work on marathon timing and pacing. And I am glad I had this thought because I did not realize that this course was a cross country/trail course. We went up off the track, into the park, and around some of the fields before we went into the trees, up the hill and back down following the trail on the outer edge of the park. The only part of this trail that is paved and not grass or mud would be the part of the track. You did three laps of the course.

What I found was that indeed that running off road is tough. I had some serious slips and slides in the part of the mud. And trying to find my grip climbing hills in the grass worked muscles I did not think needed to be worked ever.

I actually had a lot of fun with this race because it was a brand new challenge that I did not expect and I had to learn on the fly.

For finishing the event, all finishers got ribbWP_20140518_011ns which was an awesome little surprise. This is an amazing friendly family series. It is nice to know races do not have to be so expensive in the long run to provide a great family friendly experience.