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Run Like A Girl 10K Recap: 10K’s are getting better

So let me just state it.

I do not like 10K.

It has been the thorn in my side for a long time in terms of distances. I never seem to find my footing. But one of my small goals this year has been to work on getting over my 10K issues

On June 1, I made my way across to Vancouver to help support Second Step Housing (which raises funds to help those needing housing assistance.) The 10K started at Pearson Air Museum on the grounds of the Historic Fort Vancouver, That in itself provided for some amazing views as I walked from the bus stop to the start. WP_20140601_004
Packet pick-up was a quick painless process. Bag check was easy to find right in front of the museum. I decided to hang out on the grounds of the fort to watch the kids race which is always an amazing thing to watch. I am glad to see so many races trying to get the kids involved and make it affordable.

The runners got called to the start line, and they had asked for faster runners to come to the start line and the rest of us to fall in in back. Being I am still coming off of the marathon 5 weeks ago, I had no desire to push the pace, I wanted something solid that I could work on going into SF in 8 weeks.

This race takes a different route then any of the events in Vancouver. You start going through Fort Vancouver and take the land bridge in reverse. Anyone who has ran the land bridge will atest to it. Its just one big old nasty up hill either way, and then a down hill. But it gives some of the most amazing views of the Columbia River and Vancouver.

Once we came off the bridge, we went down to the water front and ran the water front trail which is traditional for Vancouver races. The 5K’s turned around at the end of the waterfront, while those of us running the 10K, wound our way through a couple parking lots and made it back to the main road.

I was cutting a pretty nice, but something really sustainable. The water stops had been small because this race had been really small to begin with. Water was at the ready and had great volunteers.

The bad news about the land bridge is you had to do it twice. But I was lucky that my interval was that I was walking the uphill coming back.

The race was an absolute delight. It was such an amazing peaceful morning. The finish line was well stocked with fruit and chips for post race.

After the race, they did awards. But people kept leaving the race early, so when they finally got to the raffles, they ended up giving things away to the person closest to the number which was cool for me because I ended up winning a basket of supplements from the local health store.

This is a great race, and the first time I have ran it. This will probably be one I find a way to put on my calendar next year.