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#VegaSport Performance Protein Review

Disclaimer: Through my ambassadorship with Sweat Pink I was provided a samples of the Vega Sport Performance Protein and their hydration drink. No other compensation was provided.

I will freely admit it.

I am picky about supplements and protein.

When the opportunity came up to review, I originally asked to review the hydration drink because I am always on Vega Sport Protein the lookout for good marathon hydration options. The problem is my tummy is super particular about what it likes and what it does not like, especially on long runs. The hydration drink did not work for my tummy. But I let multiple friends sample my package and they loved it. So for those looking for a good hydration option, you might want to look at this.

Being I was still on the lookout for a good protein option, I asked them if I could try the Performance Protein drink, which they had been kind enough to provide.

Nutrition Specs:

What I really like about this, it is a simple no frills protein, there are not extra chemicals or additives. With my PCOS one of the things my doctor has wanted me to stay away from in Soy. This is has zero soy which makes me feel like it is something I can use on a day to day basis without having to worry about the fact that it might be messing with my hormone balance. I also like the fact it is lower in calories. Especially after I do a hard run or a hard bike workout I do not need the calories, but I need something to help me recover.

Taste: It is not bad. It does not taste like ice cream but the vanilla flavor tastes like a really good quick smoothie. As someone who loves smoothies, this is a good thing.

Recovery: I have been using it after the hardcore bike workouts that I do at the gym. These workouts have a tendency to drain me of everything after and I need something quick and easy to have after. Sometimes I go so hard that I make my tummy rocky after and this has been a perfect solution.

Final Opinion: For me who is a complete sync when it comes to protein I am really happy to have an option that will work for me without all the worries that come with the hormone issues, calorie issues, ect.