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Friday 5: Strong is

I got inspired by one of the Friday 5’s I saw with another blog. To me this is one of the better ones and this is one that really made me thing

Here it is.

Strong is

Strong is confidence: Being able to hold your head up high no matter what life may throw at you.

Strong is trusting yourself: I was honored to be able to share my story with Skirt Sports about how running has changed me, and one of the themes that kept coming across is trusting myself and trusting in my abilites. That is what started turning things around for me

Strong is focused: Sometimes goals need to be reevaluated, a lesson I keep learning. But to me being focused on a a goal and being willing to through everything you have at it.

Strong is: Being real. Being your real authentic self. So many times we are afraid of showing it.

Strong is: Believing that everything is possible. This is actually on the t-shirt I am wearing right now.