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Dear FitBloggin 14

Dear FitBloggin 14-
I figured when it was announced that FitBloggin was heading to Georgia, I knew it was going to be a fight to be able to make it. Then as we went down the road with my dads ever challenging health issues, I realized there would be no end in sight, and I needed to make some decisions. The truth of the matter is as much as I want to no only go to FitBloggin, but do more races, ect. The resources aren’t there, and as long as my dad is not home, the resources are going to stay tight. So sadly, I will be enjoying it from the distance of Portland.

To new Fit Bloggers: I know how scary it is. When I went to FitBloggin in 2012, I was shell shocked. So many bloggers that I loved had been there and at this point, The Zombie Running Princess had not even been born yet. I did not even know if I had a story to blog. I honestly at points did not know what I was doing there. I tried to stay in a corner as much as I could and make myself as unnoticeable as I could, but around these people it is impossible. Once you come to FitBloggin you are part of the family. Even if you are a new blogger like I was at the time, they make you realize you can do it. They also help you realize that I indeed had a story to share. Yes, I was still a wall flower, but the people I connected with truly touched my heart. For me, FitBloggin 13 was my year to come out. I finally popped my Zumba bubble and taught on stage, I did my Ignite presentation even though the slide show died on me and I forgot my speech all at once. I took a whole ton of friends to Paddy’s and we overtook the back room. I really felt like I was sharing a bit of home with my family. The bottom line, is you will be fine. You will make friends that will stay with you. You will do things that scare you.

To FitBloggin Vets: There is no way to thank you enough for bringing me into the family. I learn from all of you each and every day, and each one of you have a very special gift and magic that you are brave enough to share in the hopes it inspires someone. So many of us are in awe of you and feel like we are meeting our heros. Never forget the impact you have on people. Even to this day, I feel like I don’t belong in your company. Keep sharing your magic, and keep making the world better.

Always in love.