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Pebble Watch Review: A Busy Gals Best Friend

Disclaimer: I received a Pebble Watch in conjunction with being a Ambassador with the San Francisco Marathon. No other compensation was provided.

As someone who is always on the go; trying to help my family, build a business and just trying to keep control over a crazy life. I am always on the lookout for something that will help me stay connected and help me with my running, so when I was offered the chance to try the Pebble I was curious.

First off let’s address running.

I am an interval runner. When I run, I take the run walk approach so one of the first things I looked into was something to help me keep track of intervals. The Pebble has a run/walk timer that keeps track of your intervals and alerts you to changes by vibrating on your wrist. For me who has a tendency to be into my music or into the scenery around me during races, I can sometimes space out and having that reminder constantly vibrating on your wrist is awesome. It will also keep a running time to tell you how long you have been on the road.

Outside of running, I do a lot of work with social media, not only working on my own brand but helping several Twitter Feed on Pebbleothers. I love how connected it keeps me. My clients on the other hand, not so much as it has allowed me to see tweets I would not normally catch. Being able to keep my eye on my clients and my own social media through the Twitter and Facebook is essential. It also has calendar functions that will keep you tied into your Facebook or whatever your phone calendar is which I know in my case keeps me more organized. That is never a bad thing.

Also, as I start life as a Zumba instructor, I love the Bluetooth music controls. It allows me the chance to practice without having to run back to either my phone or IPad to restart a song or rewind. It has helped me a lot with being able to not only control music during my practice but during my runs as well.

Hunger Games WAtch FaceI have just started to learn watch face making. Making your own watch face is easy but I for one love picking through the ones others have built. I am a huge fan of the Hunger Games and I love the Mockingjay watch face. You can also change your watch faces based on your mood, as I will often go between that, my second home of Seattle, and even a Minnie Mouse Watch Face. There are multiple interfaces available to help you make your own.

I am still learning more every day on how much this watch can help me. As a runner it has helped me with intervals; as a social media specialist, it has kept me connected to clients. For those who have lives that are non stop, this is a must have.

You can check out more about the Pebble at getpebble.com