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Firday Five: Five Random Things About Me

Happy Friday.

This should be fun

Friday Five: Five Random Things About ME

1- If you have not figured it out I love Professional Wrestling. Please no jokes about how its fake, to me it is the best drama going and one of the few forms of drama that does not bore me.

2- I could eat Lucky Charms all day. For some reason the kid in me will never grow up. Lucky Charms are my weakness. I know how unhealthy they are but dang it they taste good.

3- If I could live anywhere it would be Long Beach WA. I spend my summers there and it was always a special place to me. I cant describe it unless you are there, its just a wonderful peaceful beach town.

4- I have been mistaken for a Canadian a few times. I know a lot and have a tendency to let the Canadian verbiage sneak out.

5- Relating to Number One: I am the Social Media Director for the PWF (Premier Wrestling Federation) a small indy group out of NC. I have a lot of fun working with Steve Corino and the wrestlers who are working their tales off to make a name for themselves.

Happy Friday!!