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Review: Zac George (Personal Training at Fitness GPS- Yukon, Oklahoma)

To be honest, when I made the decision to ask Zac George to work with me, I was a little scared. A former friend has warned me that he was brutal and purposely pushed you harder then you wanted to go. But there was a little voice inside me that knew this is exactly what I needed. I had gotten to my goal weight, but to be honest. I was not happy. I could not explain where I was mentally. I just was not happy with myself or who I was an I had a lot to do.

He did indeed work with me on my weight loss and helped me learn skills and strategies that I could apply for myself. He helped me with dealing with a healthy life style in what is a crazy life. He showed me workouts that I still use to this day to push myself in the gym and took the time to make sure I understood how all the workouts applied and how I could do them for myself. He helped me find my love for running which has turned into quite the obsession.

But working with Zac was well beyond that.

Zac saw something in me, that I never truly saw in myself and at that point probably never wanted to see. He saw a spark of a strong woman. Once he saw that spark he grabbed on to it and would not let go. He used our workouts to throw me into things that I thought I was not strong enough to do. He would not let me give up on it until I got through the other side. He saw throw my self-destructive habits for what they are and called me out on them. Yes, at times I got upset with him about it at times but once I stepped back and thought about it I realized he was helping me see the forest for the trees. He was truly helping me see what was holding me back, and that was me. He helped me set goals for myself not only in the gym, but in my own life and helped me achieve them.

I will be blunt. I have accomplished a lot on this crazy journey, and accomplished things I have never thought ever possible. If Zac would not of helped me see through the other side, I may not of found the bravery to jump. I am now a multiple time marthoner, a college graduate, I have told my story of weight loss and finding myself on amazing platforms and inspired people to make changes in their own life.

If you are in the OKC and Yukon area and get the chance to go into Fitness GPS to work with Zac. I can not recommend it enough. He truly cares about your goals and what you want to accomplish and will help you find your best self. (And trust me when I say I am envious if you get to do, his impact is still being felt)

You can check out his gym on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FitnessGPSandMA
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FitnessGPSandMA
Their Home Page: http://fitnessgpsandmartialarts.com


Disclaimer: I was asked if I would do a testimonial after two years of working with Zac. This review is uncompensated and based on my true impressions of how Zac’s caring and kindness truly helped change the person I was about to become.