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Part One: The San Francisco Marathon Expereince- Expo

As I sit here trying to reflect on my last week in SF, I am realizing that there is going to be no easy way to write this in one blog.

So the answer.

Do two.

I had the absolute honor of being a ambassador for the SF Marathon. One of the opportunities that came of this was to be able to help them out at the expo and represent the event.  I spent a chunk of Friday night and my entire day Saturday working TSFM 2015.

Working the expo
Scott, Stan, May and I working the expo (thank you Stan for the photo)

Before I began work Friday night, I came through the expo, which was at the amazing Fort Mason Center. This is by far one of the most easy and well organized expos I have ever seen and I have seen a few of them.  It was so easy to find where to pick up your bib, and you didnt have to trapse through the entire expo to get to your t-shirt. It was crowded but so well flowed through out the event center there was ZERO bottle neck. To me that was huge.

There had been plenty of  great vendors and I took the time to do the shopping thing. I needed some more Nunn but more then anything I wanted the special edition water bottle that Nunn was giving with purchases.

I also got to meet some of my fellow ambassadors. I said this before privately but I will say this out loud as well. My fellow ambassadors are AMAZING runners. I look up to all of them and honestly have felt somewhat unworthy of being in their company.  We had been talking for months on Facebook so we all knew each other by facebook photos, so there was a lot of hugs. I felt like I was part of a very special little family and club.

I found Nich and Lark at the expo who had been our staff contacts through the entire experience and they gave me a goodie bag that had a

Me and the lovely Lark
Me and the lovely Lark

amazing SF waterbottle and enough Gu to last me to next year before I headed over to TSFM 2015 to work with Scott and May.

Our table had all of the medals from the last years and gave people a chance to sign up for next year. It was a lot of fun to talk to runners from all over the world. Also we had been right next to the solutions table, and I think I have a new respect for race directors. These guys had to answer some of the toughest questions.

We went to dinner with our fellow ambassadors at Thirsty Bear Brewing, and I have to give some special love to Scott who I would not of gone without because I was afraid of getting lost all by myself.  We got there late because of working the expo and I got the chance to spend time with my new found running family and the amazing Bart Yasso from Runners World.  I finally got to meet the incredible Lisa Wilson who is my Skirt Sports loving sister.

Saturday morning I decided to walk down to the hostel which was about a mile and a half.  I stopped at the Starbucks because if you know anything about me, I need my Starbucks. I took my Starbucks on the road and ended up stopping at this great little park at Levi Square. Before walking down the road. A family from Texas noticed my ambassador shirt and walked up to me and we shared our walk down.

As we had been walking down, Bart Yasso went running by me and said Hi. Hello, the little runner girl fan girl in me FREAKED OUT.

I got down and got to my crazy table. I got to work with more of my fellow Ambassadors; Meg, Amber and Taylor. I got the chance to meet more amazing runners and got engrossed in some amazing conversations.

Heather me and Dean

I also got to meet the amazing Heather and her husband Dean who are readers of my blog. Being able to know that I inspire people and my story helps others realize they can do it is truly a humbling experience. I love them both and am proud to have them in my running family.

Lark told me to pass out the famous beer coozies and I took off for the expo and kept talking to so many people as I handed them out. I heard so many running stories and was so inspired by everyone I talked to and helped a lot of runners find their way around the expo.

To me one of the best parts of this experience at the expo was meeting the people.


Part 2 is coming!