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Recovery, frantic energy and more SF Musings


San Francisco, for as much as it was a once in a life time experience, took a lot out of me. I knew coming out of SF I was going to need some time to let my body heal because this was the first time I really didn’t give my body and chance to rebound between OKC and getting ready for SF.

I have gotten back on the road which is great. Done two nice runs that put me in line for my next race (The

Seattle Marathon 10K August 23rd) But I went to the gym yesterday fort he first time and nothing felt right. I just felt like a flat out slug. No spark, no nothing. I had no energy on the bike which sucks because I love the bike.

I know I need to be patient, but its hard. There is so much frantic negative energy around me (if you have followed me you know there is a lot going on with my dads health issues, and just in general), my running and health time are the time I need to stay focused on building the positive energy. Its overwhelming. I am less patient, more snappy, a tad bit grumpier without my time. This recovery time has defiantly reminded me how much negative, frantic, stressed energy that is around me and how important it is for me to take that time out to take care of myself.

It is so funny in all this I had a “friend” tell me I should think about leaving endurance sports. She said she does not get why or how I do this to myself.

Last night I read something in a book that summed it up

We want to be able to endure. When life throws us some difficult miles, we want to know that we can suck it up and prevail.

SF was all about enduring for me. I was fighting against odds. I had not been able to do much long run training because of the chaos that was ensuing, but I still got great short training in. I did not realize the course was going to be tough, but magical, beautiful. The community was electric and I met so many people who made the experience even better.

I may not be the fastest. But I prevail. As another person who I consider a inspiration told me last weekend, “Just keep running into the walls until they fall”

That is my plan 😉