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Race Review: $5 5K- Laurlehurst Park

This race almost did not happen.

When I registered for most of the 5 dollar 5K series races. I was wait listed on a couple and I was not sure which ones I was wait listed on. But I assumed when I got an email from the city with all the logistical details, I assume I was in on this one so I was quite excited. Laurlehurst Park is an amazing beautiful little park right in the crux of SE Portland.

Starting Line Activities When I got there, I found out not only was I not registered, they did not even have the names of the wait listed. I also found out they did not take debit cards. So after the massive miscommunication I high tailed it over to the local gas station to use their ATM.

This race starts with the kids race which is always fun. The kids race started at our start line and all of the adults managed to line up and cheer the kids to the finish.

Our race consisted of three laps around the park. What I did not realize and what the map does not show is the fact

Is it strange that this was on one of the trails?
Is it strange that this was on one of the trails?
that there are some challenging hills on this course. You start with a couple gentle climbs with some nicer downhills then you are hit with two major climbs towards the end of the lap, including one that is a climb in gravel. The climb in gravel was the toughest part because it reminded me some of the hills that I hit when I was in SF. But the good news is I am getting stronger with hills.

The obvious thing to say is I am not as strong as I want to be post SF. I still have some time to recover, but my first lap was in the 10’s which was perfect for me, and the last two still stayed in the 11:15 range which is still okay. The bottom line is, I still have room to go to get better on hills and get strong enough. I said before when I was talking about SF, I know I can be stronger then I have been I just need to keep working.

I really truly enjoy the 5 dollar 5k Series. They are mostly well organized, fun, family friendly and for that matter budget friendly. It does not have all of the perks of a bigger race, but I really love the fact that its a smaller race that takes you to parks you have not visited.