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Oktoberfest Virtual 5K- AKA- Where did all that speed come from?

Note: Jost Running has been kind enough to invite me to participate in their fall series of events in trade for blogging about my experience. No other compensation was provided.

Just ever have one of those days?

You know you have.

When you are getting pulled in ten thousand directions, you have a plate full of things that have to get done, you are just not getting anywhere.

And it all feels like chaos?

That was one of those days for me today. I was a WRECK.

I was unfocused and a tad bit frazzled when my mail showed up. In the mail was the yet to be earned Oktoberfest medal from Jost Running. If you did not read my last blog. Jost Racing hosts a monthly virtual racing series that always benefits a charity. This months medal was for the Midwest Food Bank.

Because things have been far from normal for me, this virtual racing thing has been the perfect. It gives me motivation to challenge myself when racing may not be in the cards. Or it gives me a chance to challenge myself in my training without having to stress about the confines the race.

Today was just one of those days that I needed to have something to focus on. I went out to take a 5K on Willamette. I started out really fast, and I think it was just the frantic energy hitting me, but it felt really really good so I decided to go with it.

I knew the second my first mile was a 9:09, my fastest mile in at least a couple years (since I started to focus on the half marathons and full marathons) that I probably went out way too fast. But I made the decision instead of going back to my regular interval running I was just going to throw it all out there and see what was going to happen.

And it completely paid off.

I was completely spent after. But I pulled off the fastest 5K I have in a long time. It was nice to know that I could still pull that speed off when I was determined to do it.

For being a virtual racing skeptic, I am starting to see that virtual racing has an all upside. Its a great way to keep challenging yourself in between races or give you something to focus on when the world seems to be dragging you out of focus and you need to be centered. I have one more challenge to work on for them until next month.

You can check out Jost Running at https://www.jostrunning.com/ or click on the photo above.

My medal and the time that even shocked me.
My medal and the time that even shocked me.

@PDXGym November Expresso Bike Challenge

This is the November Bike Challenge for the Expresso Bikes. As usual if you have questions please feel free to find me when I am doing my workout. Or reach out on social media.

Top 100 – Dragon Fit Master Series
November 1-30


Snatch these coins from the land, young grasshopper, and master the different disciplines of Dragon Fit. The team that earns the most points this month will receive the official Dragon Master Trophy and will forever be immortalized in the Top 100 Hall of Fame.

DragonFit Masters
Master a discipline by riding each of the three unlocked maps in 10-minute intervals – Coin Toss, Dragon’s Island, & Animal Adventure.
Chase Masters
Riders of Vintage Chariots! Master your terrain in each of the 5, 10, and 15 minute intervals.

Master of Speed
275,000 points

Reach 275,000 points to earn your badge and unlock the ability to purchase your Master of Speed t-shirt. Your best score from each map will be used to determine your overall Master of Speed score.

Coin Toss (10 min)
Dragons Island (10 min)
Animal Adventure (10 min)

Master of Power
300,000 points

Reach 300,000 points to earn your badge and unlock the ability to purchase your Master of Power t-shirt. Your best score from each map will be used to determine your overall Master of Power score.

Coin Toss (10 min)
Dragons Island (10 min)
Animal Adventure (10 min)

Master of Tactics
250,000 points

Reach 250,000 points to earn your badge and unlock the ability to purchase your Master of Tactics t-shirt. Your best score from each map will be used to determine your overall Master of Tactics score.

Coin Toss (10 min)
Dragons Island (10 min)
Animal Adventure (10 min)

Master of Proving Grounds
55,000 points

Reach 55,000 to earn your badge and unlock the ability to purchase your Dragon Hunter t-shirt. Your best score from each chase interval will be used to determine your overall Master of Proving Grounds score.

5 min
10 min
15 min

The Fine Print: Riders MUST have a MyExpresso account by creating a rider ID, password & additional information on Expresso.com. Bikes must be connected to the Internet with eLive and all rides must be reported directly from the bike. Neither team nor individual totals will be adjusted for crashes, flat tires, missed workouts, charred egos, or any other down time. Good Luck!

The Zombies Take on Pier Park: $5 5K Series Finale

You have heard me talk about the $5 5K series here before. I have ran three of the five this year and have truly enjoyed my expereinces. It is a great series that is offered by Portland Parks to open running up to all budgets, ability and ages.

The series finale for 2014 was at my own home park of Pier Park. To be honest, I was not sure I was going to make this one. I had not been feeling 100 percent. But I also knew this would probably be my last 5K for the year, so I did not want to miss this unless I had to.

For this event, runners had been invited to dress up in costume but that was not a requirment. Not many people actually did other then the kids.

Like I have talked about before, the kids race is just awesome. Its free for kids and they get to do a 1K on the

The Pier Park startline
The Pier Park startline
same course the adults get to run on, and before the adults take off, it is all about them. People gaither to cheer the kids on, the kids get their own finisher medal.

I was actually pre-registered for this one so I picked up my bib number very quickly and was able to get to the start line very easily.

The start line was a little narrow because it started on the path right by the soccer field. The course was a on road and off road combindation through the woods in the park. The one thing about this course is it had some tough off road up hills. But it was still an amazing course and this one was very well supported as volunteers had been at every point that you could get turned around.

I was pleased with how this one went for me. I was not totally expecting the rolling hills. I decided to just make it part of my mission to stop stressing about race running and just get out there and enjoy it.

I truly reccomend this race series to any of the racers here in Portland. It is such a well organized fun series and is extremley budget friendly. Its also all abilities way to see some of the best Portland has to offer.

@PDXGym – Interactive Fitness October Bike Challenge

My apologies for not getting this up a tad bit sooner. Its been sitting in my email but I flat out forgot.

Ghost Buster 3

This is pretty simple.

The goal is to beat your best time on 10 different courses this month. For those who have ridden for awhile; my advice to you is to look for rides that you have not tackled in some time and try those first.

If you beat 10 ghosts, you will finish the challenge.

Feel free to ask questions.

Lorna Jane makes waves with #MNBelieve

Anyone who knows me, knows one thing.

I love apps.

I love technology releated to fitness. Its just kind of my think. (Okay I used to work in IT)

When I got the opportunity to look at the Lorna Jane app, I have to admit I was curious. Lorna Jane puts together amazing workout clothing and they are truly inspiring with their social media trying to push and motivate ladies to find their best selves.

What I like about this app is everything you may need is in one place. It offers healthy recipies when you are looking for inspiration to cook. It offers inspirational graphics that you can easily share with your friends via social media. It also allows for workout tracking.

As for the food. I found what might be my new faviorte thing; black bean spagehetti. I do not know why I have never thought about changing it up and making it vegan and using black beans. This tastes outragiously good.

If you look at my pintrest page, you can see I am always up for a good inspirational graphic and Lorna Jane does not fail to deliver. My only I would say suggestion is to offer more then one a day. I tend to go through days that I do not like posting or sharing anything.

indexAs for the tracking. This is a great program where you can earn badges for completing different challenges. It allows you a chance to have an accountablity. It is really easy to use. I did not use it too much for tracking because I love my tracking programs a lot. But I handed this part off to a friend and she loved the tracking, she loved having one simple place.

I highly reccomend this program for someone who wants to keep everything in one place. It is very simple to use and a lot of fun to have all the information in one place.