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Lorna Jane makes waves with #MNBelieve

Anyone who knows me, knows one thing.

I love apps.

I love technology releated to fitness. Its just kind of my think. (Okay I used to work in IT)

When I got the opportunity to look at the Lorna Jane app, I have to admit I was curious. Lorna Jane puts together amazing workout clothing and they are truly inspiring with their social media trying to push and motivate ladies to find their best selves.

What I like about this app is everything you may need is in one place. It offers healthy recipies when you are looking for inspiration to cook. It offers inspirational graphics that you can easily share with your friends via social media. It also allows for workout tracking.

As for the food. I found what might be my new faviorte thing; black bean spagehetti. I do not know why I have never thought about changing it up and making it vegan and using black beans. This tastes outragiously good.

If you look at my pintrest page, you can see I am always up for a good inspirational graphic and Lorna Jane does not fail to deliver. My only I would say suggestion is to offer more then one a day. I tend to go through days that I do not like posting or sharing anything.

indexAs for the tracking. This is a great program where you can earn badges for completing different challenges. It allows you a chance to have an accountablity. It is really easy to use. I did not use it too much for tracking because I love my tracking programs a lot. But I handed this part off to a friend and she loved the tracking, she loved having one simple place.

I highly reccomend this program for someone who wants to keep everything in one place. It is very simple to use and a lot of fun to have all the information in one place.