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Lorna Jane: The Active Living Room comes to Portland

“Our vision extends beyond the product. We don’t just sell activewear, we sell an active way of life. Our garments encourage women to achieve their best through Active Living and ultimately reach their full potential.” – Lorna Jane Clarkson Founder of Lorna Jane Active Living Line.

WP_20141124_136So much of the vision of Lorna Jane relates back to my own personal journey not only with weight loss, but finding out who I was through my active lifestyle. I have always honestly had a huge crush for some of the clothing I have seen. The brand was started in Australia in 1989 and has sprung into more then 150 stores nationwide. I was quite excited to hear that they had been opening a location at Bridgeport Village here in Portland.

This location is what they call an “Active Living Room,” though the construction is not complete. When it is, they will be holding fitness classes and nutrition workshops. Active Living Rooms also include healthy cafes where you can get your quick fix of healthy food as you are out shopping. It will be a one stop shop for everything you need for your active life style.

When I arrived to check out the new store. We had been met by the amazing Gloria; one of the Lorna Jane associates. We talked about some of the active things that I was involved with. She steered me in the direction of several of her favorite pieces of the Lorna Jane line that she thought would be perfect for me. We also talked about bras, and she pointed out several bras for me to try on to find a style and size that I might like. She convinced me to try on a couple pieces that I might not of tried on normally myself. Even after loosing all my weight sometimes I am not brave enough to try on pieces that will be more form fitting or show a few more curves. She went into this with the goal of getting me the outfit of my dreams. She wanted me to find something that made me not only look good but feel good.

One of the things that I like is the versatility of the pieces and it was evident in the outfits that we picked out that pieces can be combined with a lot of different pieces in the Lorna Jane line. The pieces are also built to support all body types and figures while still making people look and feel their best.

I can’t explain it. But there was one outfit in particular that the second I tried it on, I just knew. I knew this was the one. It felt like it fit like it was meant for me.

The Hoodie: Run Time Pullover Hoodie
Have you ever had a hoodie that you try on once and you swear you may never take it off? WP_20141124_088

The Run Time Hoodie has quickly become that hoodie for me.
This hoodie is the first time I have seen a hoodie that flatters me while still giving you the comfortable feel that you come to expect from your favorite hoodie. Its made out of the LJ cotton loop back fleece and the hood is quilted. Its the perfect pre or post workout hoodie or the perfect hoodie to wear out on the town with friends.

The Tights Isometric F/L Tight
This is one of the pieces that I first did not think would look good on me. Gloria convinced me to try them on just to see how they felt. The Isometric F/L Tight is a high rise pant that molds right to my legs. They are made from the LJ Excel and Mesh Fabrics. These fabrics keep them fade resistant, shrink resistant, quick drying and breathable. The high waist was the question for me, I have had a lot of high waist tights that just don’t stay up on the waist no matter how much I try. These felt like they molded right to my waist.

The Animania Bra Animania Bra
Though you can’t see it in the photo of the final outfit. The winner by far is the Animania Bra. The cross straps make it not only pretty but comfortable. They have removable padding that gives the girls shape and extra support. The bagged out sweetheart neckline is a different look for me, but it was something that really felt like I was wearing something better then a bra. They call this the perfect outfit for the high impact workouts (hello, new running bra). For me this felt like the perfect mix of form and function.

For those of you in Portland, I highly recommend checking out the store. Not only so many cute things, but I can not say enough about the help I got from the staff was amazing on helping me the outfit of my dreams. They are located at Bridgeport Village near the movie theater.

Disclaimer: This blog was sponsored by Lorna Jane through my ambassadorship with Sweat Pink. I was provided the outfit for my time, but the opinions in the blog are my own.