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@PDXGym- Expresso Bike/Interactive Fitness bike leaderboards seasonal reset

I forgot this was coming until I went riding today.

Saturday was the end of the fall season for both the national leaderboard and the local leaderboard. We are now officially in the Winter Season.

This means everything but your personal records are wiped clean. You have until spring (March, but I need to find logoout the date) to take on the leaderboard again.

And remember, we are still in the middle of a challenge. (I am choosing not to ride in this one because I don’t want to ride too hard for a bit, Dragon Fit is helping me here)

As for me..I have been having too much fun in Dragon Fit to play with anything else. But my national boards (Age and Gender base) are nice.

Basic Your Rank Your Best Date
Expresso Speedway 47 of 483 3:10 12/10/2014
Rolling Thunder 49 of 349 3:36 10/3/2014
Redwood Dash 7 of 488 4:35 10/14/2014
Campus Loop 52 of 410 7:09 10/3/2014
Mini Mayhem 30 of 471 6:52 10/7/2014
Evening Bliss 19 of 441 7:57 10/14/2014
Rabbit Run — — —
Lost Trail — — —
Alpine Splash — — —
Coastal Run 66 of 375 12:26 10/14/2014
Bent Spoke 52 of 342 15:23 12/2/2014
Fruitdale — — —
Moderate Your Rank Your Best Date
City Express — — —
Dragon Fire — — —
Billy Goat Falls — — —
Broken Spoke — — —
Moody Ambush — — —
Ironhorse Rush 55 of 188 24:34 10/2/2014
Quicksilver — — —
Farmers Bluff — — —
Stump Puller 38 of 147 27:00 10/12/2014
Sunday Afternoon — — —
Apple Grinder 48 of 143 28:08 10/5/2014
Challenging Your Rank Your Best Date
Ravens Roost — — —
Stormy Hollow — — —
Odyssey 37 of 84 32:36 10/20/2014
Wicked Workout 34 of 80 34:47 10/21/2014
Oh Mama 34 of 146 33:17 10/23/2014

#Nuunlove 2015- Nuun Ambassador

My stomach is a picky little beast epically with hydration. I have never quite understood why it has been but there are only a couple hydration solutions that don’t leave me with a grouchy stomach.

And on top of that, I am a self-confessed water hater.

I get it, I know water is good for me. I do drink it, but I don’t drink enough of it and I know it.

Last year, someone turned me on to Nuun and it took me forever to be convinced. I liked being able to do something unnamedwith my water to give it some flavor without really taking away from the benefits of water. I like something that gives me the same benefits of some of the sports drinks I was using without all the junk that comes in them.

I did not think Nuun would do the trick.

Boy was I wrong.

I started using it to help me stay healthy while I was at the gym. I found that it was keeping me more hydrated then just water.

And then I started hearing about how it would help me outside of the gym. It is no secret that if you have followed my blog for any length of time, the past year has been a stress ball.

I found Nuun Energy, which to me has been then coffee. It gives me a little boost of energy without all the extra crap in soda, or some coffee’s. When my body finally decided it had enough and I ended up with the never ending cold I found out about Nuun daily, which reminds me a lot of one of my old favorites (Vitamin Water). But again, without all the crap.

Nuun has been a life saver. So when the opportunity to spread the Nuun love came up, I jumped all over it.

And I am proud to announce that I am a 2015 NuunBassador. You will hear me mention Nuun a lot in the future, but just know this. I won’t talk about products I don’t love and Nuun has been a game changer.