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Heads Up @PdxGym- New Rewards for Interactive Fitness Bikes

Hey West Cast Fitness Peeps-

I have not gotten mine set up yet. But this sounds pretty amazing. I just got the following email.

As usual questions, find me at the gym.

Today I’m excited to announce that if you are one of the 14 million Americans insured by Humana then you can now connect your HumanaVitality® account to your My Expresso account and earn Vitality Points™ when you ride your Expresso Bike!

What is HumanaVitality®?

HumanaVitality® is a wellness and rewards program that will put you on the path to healthier living. With HumanaVitality®, you can earn hotel stays, digital cameras, and more — for everyday healthy behavior. Live healthier and earn great rewards along the way! To learn more visit humana.com/vitality.

This is awesome! How do I connect my account?

Download the HumanaVitality® App and Sign In.
Select Menu > Connect > Expresso > Enter your Expresso Rider ID and Password to connect.
Go ride to earn Vitality Points™ and claim your rewards!

At Interactive Fitness, we truly appreciate our riders and the millions of miles you have traveled on your Expresso Bikes. We will continue to work to make exercise fun, engaging and social. We hope you enjoy the HumanaVitality® app and the rewards that come with it!

Ride on!

Ross Stensrud

CMO Interactive Fitness

Giveaway Time: #RockMyRun: My Secret to Music

If you have followed me for any length of time in social media. You already know that one of my favorite websites is Rock My Run. (You can check them out at rockmyrun.com) It has been my source for good music for workouts and running music for almost two years. I literally do not go anywhere else for music.

I have even been featured on their website as a Rock My Run Lover. I swear by it for a reason. They are truly the best option for me when it comes to music.

For those who do not know what Rock My Run is. Rock My Run features music mixes that go from 30 mins to 120 mins and

About 1/4 of my collection of Rock My Run favorites.
About 1/4 of my collection of Rock My Run favorites.
longer for those of you who are training for endurance events. And for those of you who are like me and have music tastes that go from one end to the other, (I go from country to old school rock, to Irish, to rap.) Rock My Run answers you. You can search by song, by genre, if you find they have particular DJ’s mixes you love you can look for them.

I have several favorite mixes. Honestly, it just depends on my mood and what the workout is. Also a lot of times if I am doing work in the office or working on chores I am rocking out to their mixes. Right now, I am really into the Old School Rock “Taking Care of Business”. But again is really does change based on my mood and what I am doing.

They also have an app for those of you running on Apple or Android, where you can stream music. (I am on a Windows Phone so I don’t get to.) But never fear, you can also download your tunes.

You can download one shorter length mix a month when you have a free account (which is good in itself). But if you like the longer mixes, or need more downloads plans start at 4.99 a month. I just finally made the jump to a premium plan and I am in HEAVEN. When you think about how much Itunes costs for just one song. This is a amazing deal.

Rock My Run appreciated my love so much they sent me some goodies. But I am in the mood to share. Check out the giveaway now.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: Rock My Run did not contact me about my review. I have been a fan of theirs for 2 plus years, they just offered up goodies because I am already a huge fan. One winner will be drawn for the headband and gift card.

#NoExcuses Inspirations

unnamedAs part of #SweatPink’s new #NoExcuses challenge. Sweat Pink Ambassadors have been asked to blog about two people that embody the #noexcuses life.

This is a hard one for me, because there are so many people in my journey that this embodies. (And enviably, someone is going to get pissed that its not them.) But here goes nothing.

First, there is my friend and co-partner in crime when it comes to First Thursday, the lovely Donna Kalik. I met her 10410510_10201597456936828_5886167192691769413_nearly on in my running life. Donna is just one of those people that you always want to be around as she has so much energy and always speaks her truth. There have been a couple events where Donna has been my life saver and we have ended up running together and pushing each other towards the finish. She will freely confess that she will never be the fastest runner on the course, but she is always out there, having fun and pushing herself. Being around here always reminds me that it is fine to be part of the middle of the pack as long as I am out there. She never lets anyone stop her. I am envious, she ran Dublin this year which I stand in awe of. If you ever get to meet Donna, do it.

My other nominee is more of a group of people. Its actually two groups of people.

First off, its the friends that I made last year through being part of the 2014 San Francisco Marathon Ambassadors. These amazing runners all have their own stories, and all in their own way are examples of the #NoExcuses philosophy. These are runners who work hard, take on any challenge that comes their way and take it on with a smile.

And also, my #hostelrunning family. I met these wonderful peeps while staying at the Green Tortoise in San Francisco. Anita, Kirsty, Kelly, Emma and Pascal are some of the most supportive and inspiring friends a girl canTeam #hostelrunners have. All of them have a sense of adventure that I find inspiring. They are always out running, and I find their pictures want me to get up and run more. They are all stronger runners then I am but yet, they made me part of their crazy little family (I am not getting lost on the bus in SF ever again thank you very much). They have also been some of the most supportive friends as some of the non-running chaos has gotten in the way of what I have wanted to accomplish. My bucket lists now includes making a jump across the pond so I can run with them again. Seeing their posts, make me more positive.

There ya go. I challenge all to nominate two people who are #noexcuses badasses.

The Hardest Day: Turning it to Love

This day last year, was one of the toughest days. It was when my little angel, George crossed the rainbow bridge. e38077e83bdda17a9c04f52076c8159aThere is not a day that goes by that I do not miss him. I thought that today would be the perfect day to announce, that in tribute to him. I am rejoining the Charity Athlete with the Seattle Humane Society for a second year.

I joined up with them last year after George passed away due to his heart issues. I wanted to find a way to pay forward all the gifts that the crazy dog had given me with his unconditional love. George was a rescue dog, that if it was not for a guardian angel who brought us together; our paths would of never crossed.

I have never had an animal quite get me the way George did. His unexpected death was a huge blow to the entire family. I know to this day, he would want to see other animals find homes just like he did.

To me, some of our most special times had been when we had been together on the walking and running trails here in Portland. Also some of the most special times had been when we walked 5K’s together in honor of animal charities. The way the Seattle Humane Society program is put together, I can use the entire year of racing in his honor. I will be back in Seattle at the end of 2015 to cap of the year.

The money raised by the charity athletes is used directly for animal care; which I thought was important.

So I will continue to ask of you if you can do it. Please help me pay George’s gifts forward and honor his love.
Charity Athlete 2015: Bonnie Wilson

Trio Fitness 5K Mutt Strut Run and Walk: A Virtual Best

A few years ago, when I had the pleasure to get involved with the FitBloggin conference; I met two very amazing and special people. Sue O’Lear and Samantha Collins. They inspired me to not give up on my Zumba dreams, and what little I knew at the time; these two where about to become gym owners.

They own Trio Fitness out in Wilson N.C. They will be hosting their first ever 5K on February 14th 2015 with a 5K training club this10891755_271011299689555_7423831144278480669_n spring to help raise funds for The Maggie Society Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation.

The Maggie Society rescues dogs from high-kill shelters and works with a network of volunteers and other rescue groups to provide medical care, fostering, and eventually loving fur-ever homes. Come meet available dogs, learn about fostering, and raise money for their cause.

Not only will they be holding an event in NC, they are also offering a virtual option. You hear me talk in some previous blogs about how much love I have had for the virtual race movement.

And it would not take too long of reading my blog to know my love for rescue and animal organizations. My little angel George was a rescue. (I just spent the last year fundraising for him).

I love these girls like family, and the atmosphere that they inspire is legendary. I know this is going to be a success for them.

If you are in the NC area, please consider participating. If you are not, please consider the virtual option. It is 25.00 and you get a shirt Trio Fitness 5K Fun Run and Mutt Strut