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The Hardest Day: Turning it to Love

This day last year, was one of the toughest days. It was when my little angel, George crossed the rainbow bridge. e38077e83bdda17a9c04f52076c8159aThere is not a day that goes by that I do not miss him. I thought that today would be the perfect day to announce, that in tribute to him. I am rejoining the Charity Athlete with the Seattle Humane Society for a second year.

I joined up with them last year after George passed away due to his heart issues. I wanted to find a way to pay forward all the gifts that the crazy dog had given me with his unconditional love. George was a rescue dog, that if it was not for a guardian angel who brought us together; our paths would of never crossed.

I have never had an animal quite get me the way George did. His unexpected death was a huge blow to the entire family. I know to this day, he would want to see other animals find homes just like he did.

To me, some of our most special times had been when we had been together on the walking and running trails here in Portland. Also some of the most special times had been when we walked 5K’s together in honor of animal charities. The way the Seattle Humane Society program is put together, I can use the entire year of racing in his honor. I will be back in Seattle at the end of 2015 to cap of the year.

The money raised by the charity athletes is used directly for animal care; which I thought was important.

So I will continue to ask of you if you can do it. Please help me pay George’s gifts forward and honor his love.
Charity Athlete 2015: Bonnie Wilson