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Race-Kred: The Medal for your Shoe Review and Giveaway

Note: Tomoson Reviews offered a partnership with this product. I received one free and one to give away of the product. As always, all reviews are my own opinion. No other compensation or commitment was provided.

No secret.

I love bling.

Even with life reducing my race schedule a bit, bling keeps me motivated. Bling gets me out there, and going on those days when I am just not feeling it.

When I was approached by Race-Kred about their product, I was immediately excited about it. I am working on training WP_20150313_001for The SF Marathon and for me having that reminder of what I am working for just a glance at my shoe away in some crazy way has been motivating for me to see. I have ran five so it is a wonderful reminder to me that I can do this, I can get through the training. On top of that it has always made me smile.

What can I say? It is just a good reminder of what I have done and what I am shooting for.

They offer a charm for any distance. And for you trail runners out there they offer trail charms. They also have charms for you multi-sport athletes.

I like how heavy duty they feel. I have seen a few of these on the market that strike me as flimsy hence why its something I have never gotten into myself convinced into purchasing them.

The one huge draw back with them is if you look at my shoe, because my shoe has that huge thing on top of the laces the amount of places I could put my charm are limited unless I wanted to tie it in using the small shoe lace they sent me. I just have no luck with trying to do things like that. I have lost more timing chips then I care to admit or confess to that have been tied into my shoes.

The price here is a huge draw. Each charm is only $8.99 which makes it defiantly in my mind an affordable option to get yourself a small motivational treat during training or getting yourself a small reward after a race. And for someone who hates blowing her budget, these make perfect sense.

I am going to defiantly start making these a tradition for races. You can also do custom charms. (Maybe a Seattle one on the horizon, I don’t know.)

Please check them out

We are giving away one Race-Kred of your choice. Please check out the raffle copter!