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The Namesake of this Blog #thankyouJimmy @jimmyjacobsx

Warning: This is not going to be a running blog. If you are coming to read a running blog entry, I will see you next time.

If you know anything about me remotley, you know the only thing I adore as much as running is professional wrestling. My mom raised me on it since I was a baby as it was an all day tradition for her dad to sit and watch old school wrestling on the weekends. She remembers it being on TV for as long as she can remember.

In the last couple years my love for wrestling has been waning quite a bit. I do not know if I was growing out of 1908013_10152424437877288_809481170912033437_nit, or if the evolution which a lot of my fellow wrestling fans have talked about just kind of lost me.

When I was in OKC for my first marathon, the night before the marathon I had my first chance to watch Ring of Honor. All of my friends had talked about how good ROH was but due to the fact Portland never carried it, it was the first time I ever got to watch it.

And I finally got excited about wrestling again.

I remember the first time I caught him. He was doing a promo with Kevin Steen, and he did not say a word in the entire promo, but his facial expressions and everything he did managed to capture my attention. I now adore Kevin but for some reason I could not take my eyes off of him. He was telling a story and stealing the show.

I learned quite quickly, the talent was Jimmy Jacobs.

As I learned about him, I realized in some ways our journey had mirrored. I to this day have people trying to kill my dreams, explain to me all the reasons things can’t happen. But yet for some reason I kept going. Jimmy was the same way, his size and stature sometimes stood in the way of him making it to the big time. There had been other things too, but he never gave up and he always showed passion for the thing that he loved.

Jimmy made me excited for wrestling again. But watching his passion inspired me.

I remember meeting Jimmy for the first time when I was in Baltimore for FitBloggin and ROH had Survival of the Fittest and he had me shell shocked. I was shy and a complete wreck. I freely admit I have never been the best in social situations so. We also developed a very long standing Words with Friends battle (that still continues)

Then Jimmy started to make the Oregon trips for the WCWC last year. And if you haven’t read my blog, the last couple years have been intense with my dads health issues so I would go to the events just to take that break from reality. The matches where insane, and I would so get into them, it was always reminding me why I love wrestling.

It was always akward because I was going to wrestling events on my own (because none of my local friends are wrestling fans)

Jimmy knew a bit of what was going on and always made it a point to leave me with a smile on my face even if he was in a hurry to get out of there. There was always a hug for me, or just a moment. He also was always supportive as I was training through SF. (Somewhere out there, I have a photo of the two of us with my finisher medal) Even though at times I really felt out of place, he always made sure I felt like I belonged and was welcome.

When I stepped out on my own with the blog, the name Zombie Running Princess came as a spin off from him.

Jimmy just fought his last match as he makes the next step in his career. And I just wanted to take a public second to say thank you. Thank you for inspiring me, thank you for always making it a point to leave me with a smile and a great memory, thank you for sharing your passion with the world.