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#TheSFMarathon offers 4 free months of Elite Training with Run Keeper #runchat

I don’t know why but I have been struggling with coming up with a good training plan for San Fran that was not going to cost me a fortune.

I would like a run coach, but I just flat out do not have the money for that as much as I want it.

And then I received an email from The San Francisco Marathon with some pretty amazing news.

All registered runners for The San Francisco Marathon series of events will get four free months of elite training unnamedwith Run Keeper. And that gives you access to all of the Run365 training plans. Run365 is the official training group for the marathon and they currently host training groups in the bay area to help runners prepare for the events.

This gives those of us that are out of the area some of the same tools that they have. The only downside for me is I have a Windows Phone and Run Keeper and Windows dont mix. But I can still use the training plan and stuff on line to trac

I am thinking I am going to do the 12 week plan or start the 16 week plan a week or two late. But to have these tools at my disposal is a huge load off my shoulders.

I have said it before, I have nothing but love for The San Fransisco Marathon. My experiences last year changed me, and they do everything that they can to make the experience better for the runners. This is a brand new huge perk.

Remember, use TSFM2015Bonnie to save 25.00 on your entry fee.

Note: I am a 2015 SF Marathon Ambassador. My opnions are truly my own.