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Review: Foam Roller Hapiness (through the pain)

Note: I received this foam roller through a partnership at Tomson. No other compensation was provided. Opinions are that of my own.

I don’t like foam rolling.

I know it is good for me.

But I do not like the pain.

I have about worn out my foam roller so when the opportunity came up to review one, I was curious.

They refer to it as a Trigger Point Therapy Massage. This gives you both small little fingers and solid sides so you are able to control the pressure you put on certain locations. For me, my hip flexors are my problem spot, so I can roll them out with a lot more intensity then I would my shins which will never take to the process. I also started to figure out how to use a foam roller with the wall to help massage some of the pain and tension out of my back. The dual textures is huge to what makes this thing work as well as it does.

Another feature is its really light weight and portable. Unlike my old one which was bulky (it was just all foam) this one is very light and is actually hollow in the center so if I want to stash a towel inside it or something

I was going to take a photo of mine, but the orange always came out washed out.   Photo by : GR8 Goodz
I was going to take a photo of mine, but the orange always came out washed out. Photo by : GR8 Goodz
else, I can take it with me without it taking up much room in my bag. This actually might be able to come with my to SF.

I think the size also allows you to work with more areas of your body. My old one was so heavy and bulky, it was only really good for the lower body. I have been able to use this on almost every part of my body and thanks to the dual textures I can use it on my feet which is a plus for someone who looses her lacrosse ball a lot.

For those who need guidance as to what they are doing, it comes with links to Youtube videos that walk you through any body part and how to best use the tool to your advantage.

For someone who is looking for a good all purpose foam roller, this is the best. This was actually less expensive then my old bulky one and so much more useful. Though it still causes me pain, I wish I would of found this one earlier and I might of been more loyal to foam rolling.

You can find out more about it here on Amazon