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Honor: Welcoming home a Honor Flight with @TeamRWB

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, but this one had to jump to the top of my list.

Last night I got the opportunity of a life time. As part of Team RWB Portland, I volunteered to help welcome home a Honor Flight of 25 World War II Veterans who had returned from a trip to Washington DC to visit their monuments. Thanks to everything that has been going on in my outside world this is only the second time I have been able join up with the team to do anything, but when this came up and it fit in my schedule, I knew this was a must do.

Members of Team RWB met up with the Freedom Guard Riders at the Portland International Airport on Sunday Night. We joined their procession of flags to the gate where the veterans would come out. These guys are so welcoming, and they are truly proud of what they do. Talking to them reminded me of why this was so important; as our veterans especially our World War II vets are passing on at an alarming rate (over 1,000 a day) and this is our opportunity to say thank you.

Team RWB members intermixed with the Freedom Guard Riders to form a hall of flags and salutes. We applauded, shook hands and cheered the Veterans and their volunteer guardians. Several times we got stopped by passers by to ask what the commotion was about, and we explained it to them. Several of the passers by had been so touched by the display they joined us. We escorted them to the front lobby where PDX has the logos of all the branches of the military service on the wall, and the entire group came together to sing “God Bless America” To me, that was one of the most uplifting experiences I have ever had.

I got the privilege to help a very kind gentlemen by the name of Gene with his luggage. He turned 94 on the trip and was a spark of fire. I had to ask him what his secret to long life was, and he said it was a young heart and dancing. Just the smile on his face was so special and reminded me that it was a true honor that I had gotten to do this. My late grandfather was a late WWII vet and I really think this is something that he would of loved. It was truly an amazing way to give back to people who helped our country becoming the amazing country it is.

If you ever get the experience to do this. It is an amazing opportunity and it truly helps you realize how amazing this country is.