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Twlight Half Marathon Preview

I have had the pleasure of doing a lot of volunteer work in the past year with the team at Good Sports Events, so when they told me about the entire idea of a Twilight Half Marathon, I have to admit, I was really really curious. This would be the first event of it’s type.

The event will be on July 11th, 2015 at Vancouver Lake Park. The race will feature a 5K, 10K and a half marathon distance. The course looks amazing, it would give scenic views of Vancouver Lake, as the sun sets on the Columbia River. The course elevation is flat, there will be a hearty meal afterwards.

And lets talk about bling.

How many t-shirts are glow in the dark? The shirts features a glow in the dark owl. 10996760_610592579072499_8971484356770609791_n a medal featuring the owl and flash light with the owl on it.

The race benefits Childrens Cancer Assoication.

And we all know how I like race affodablity. The 5K is 39.00 and the 10K is 49.00 and the Half is 69.00. This makes this race one of the more affordable on the spectrum.

I asked the event director to explain the event for readers.

Nobody likes alarm clocks.

That’s why the Twilight Half Marathon (July 11th, Vancouver Lake Park) starts at 6pm. Get a good night’s sleep, spend the day however you want, and run when it’s cool.

The course is pancake flat, making for a fast, easy run…and maybe even a PR!

The scenery is spectacular, and so are the goodies: an adorable owl medal, matching owl flashlight, and a one-of-a-kind, glow-in-the-dark owl shirt.

The after-party includes music, free beer and wine, a hearty meal, and maybe even a dip in Vancouver Lake.

This unique, evening event benefits the Children’s Cancer Association, which brings joy to children fighting devastating illnesses.

Complete details available at www.TwilightHalf.com