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Summer Solstice Urban Adventure Run Recap: Volunteers make the event

For as much as I have grown in this journey the one thing I do not and will never like is the unknown.

When a friend asked me to join her at the Summer Solstice Urban Adventure Run. I was excited, and then I looked it up online, and the apprehension set in. But it goes to help the Clark County Food Bank so I was game to see it.

This is different then any race we have have here. You have 2 hours to hit as many checkpoints as you can and then comeback to Esther Short Park for the raffle. At each station you had been met with a physical or mental challenge

10984501_10205509150061124_3074076637234489451_nand a riddle to get to your next stop. The stops had been all through out Downtown Vancouver.

My Team RWB Teammate Malinda was the one who invited me to join her on this. We both went into this knowing we had planned on walking between stations and just tackling as much as we could. She was not a runner, and I was trying to get myself mentally ready for Vancouver USA the next day.

The event starts when you pick up your map. If I could wish this race to improve one thing it would be right here. One person on your team would go into this circle and the race director would throw the maps up in the air and you had to scramble to get one.

We got our map and found our first location quickly.

I could talk about all of the stops. But I want to talk about my favorite one.

About midway through our journey we got faced with a rather dusty dirty mini obstacle course. You had tires run,

Me vs Wall.
Me vs Wall.
then you climbed over walls that led to balance beams that you could not touch the ground or you would be penalized with extra work. It looked like a little beast, and I agreed to take it on, even though I am not the strongest with it. The volunteers had been amazing. They really encouraged me to go after it. I can not say enough good things about these guys. They really wanted to see people succeed. Flat out, these guys made it so much better.

Some of the other stops consisted of physical challenges including a mini circuit training session, rowing for 1,000 meters, tire flips, throwing grapes in your teammates mouths, eating a cricket (Thank you Malinda for doing that one or me.)

After two hours you went back to Esther Short Park for awards which you got a great medal and a chance to win some great prizes (I got a new tank from Doppleganger Clothing that I LOVE).

This is a great small event, that really encourages you to push yourself but listen to your body. For as much apprehension as I had, I loved this event and it is defiantly going on my radar for next year. On top o