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Cosmo 7K- Girls Night Out Runners Style

Note: I am writing this race preview just because I love the race. And I love what Energy Events does for runners here in Portland/Vancouver.

I do not know any other way to describe the Cosmo7K other then stating the obvious. It is the ultimate girls night out for the ladies who run/walk.

Taking place on August 8th 2015 at the Fort Vancouver Barracks it features a lucky 7K distance on one of the purely prettiest courses out that Portland/Vancouver has to offer. You go through downtown Vancouver past Esther Short Park before heading for the Vancouver waterfront which is always stunning before turning back around and heading back for the waterfront. You come through Fort Vancouver (WARNING: Big infamous Ft. Vancouver hill) before heading back through historic Ft. Vancouver and finishing back at the barracks.

This is truly a ladies only event. After the race ladies are rewarded with a Cosmo7K Cosmo glass and get to try not one but two Three Olive Vodka. There is food, music, shopping and basically everything a girl could want.

I ran it the first year and I loved the laid back feel of the race. It was super humid so I took it as more of a training run and was able to run with one of my best running friends Donna. It was well organized and so well supported and the thing is with Energy Events, is they keep getting better every year, they figure out where things could be more pro runner friendly and make it happen. (Hense why I keep bringing them up here.)

My running girl friends are the best friends a girl could have, and one of my favorite memories is just being able

My run girls
My run girls
to kick back and relax with them post race.

7K may be a strange distance; but its perfect for a summer night run with the girls. Please check out Energy Events for more details about this amazing race.