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Lesson Learned from @TheSFMarathon and what it means for my fall running. #bibchat #realwomenmove

I am stubborn.

Going into the end of June/first of July I had every intention to run the full marathon. I knew the heat was killing my training plan. Then my dad ended up in the hospital and by the time I got out to see him, got the bus back and got home I was wiped out (the heat had a lot to do with it).

But I will still intent on going for it even though my body was defiantly rebelling on the thought. Other then Vancouver USA, my longest run was about 3 miles (the heat was just getting to me). But I still thought I could handle it.

Even flying down there, I was still intent on pushing for the full. I worked the expo as an ambassador Friday and picked up my full bib ect.

But when I woke up Saturday for some reason my back was not happy.

I really was upset. But in the back of my head I knew that was my bodies way of saying that as much as my heart

I found this on Pintrest, it is true, because my body was being really clear.
I found this on Pintrest, it is true, because my body was being really clear.
wanted it, my body had no desire to be part of the equation. It was telling me very clearly that the full was not in my future and I should just downgrade.

So heartbroken, I downgraded to the 2nd half.

At the time, it felt like a really big let down. I really wanted to push through and prove I could do it.

But it ended up being the best decision I could of made. I really enjoyed the 2nd half course and I kept a good pace with the help of one of the pacers. I ended up with my best half marathon time of the year (and I have been pretty clear that I have been struggling with my half marathon times)

This is the first time I have ever been in this position. Originally I felt ashamed of it. I think we as runners naturally want to push through pain, we do not want to have to worry about injury.

What is next?

I think doing the 2nd half also helped me figure out what I needed to work on going into the fall before Seattle and IMG_7419I am already working on rebuilding plans. I also have a harsh realization that my body just does not get a lot with the stupid heat that seems to be strangling Portland and that I have to stop being so harsh on myself when I don’t get to run in the heat.

The SF Marathon turned out the be my 20th Half-Marathon which I could of never thought of a better place to do it. I said it last year that SF has been a good teacher to me, and it true. Last year it taught me how truly how tough I am, and this year it taught me that I needed to be good to my body and sometimes realize that the goal you are aiming for needs to be changed.