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#cosmo7K: Earning My Cosmos Through Volunteering

I love volunteering.

Running has done so much to help me, especially in the last three years as we have been dealing with dad being sick. Even when I can’t quite afford all the races I want to run, I try and volunteer as much as my freelance, blogging, and whatever life allows me to do. It is my way to give back to the running world.

I had the honor of being a Course Marshall in two different locations for the Energy Events Cosmo 7K in Vancouver Saturday night.

I have ran this event before, and it is a whole different creature. Its an all ladies event and I think the best

Selfie from my spot.
Selfie from my spot.
comment I have ever seen made about it; is it is the true “Running Ladies Happy Hour.” Energy Events does an amazing job with putting together great; runner friendly events.

But this is the first time I have volunteered for them.

I course marshalled at two of the key points on the course. The second turn as the ladies started to head into downtown Vancouver; and one of the final turns as the runners and walkers headed towards the final stretch. So it gave me some of the best views of the crowd.

The ladies who ran this event where amazing. You saw a lot of groups of people running/walking together inspiring each other and cheering each other on. I brought my little Storm MP3 player for an extra dose of music and a lot of ladies wanted to dance. (Dang the old school rock mixes I had loaded)

To me, being able to cheer people on and help a group that is so pro runner and runner friendly. I got into it. I had brought cowbell; I was feeding off the energy. And the ladies had been the most appreciative group of ladies that I have ever had the pleasure to volunteer for.

I just wanted to take some time and some blog space to congratulate the ladies for truly making the Cosmo 7K a spectacular event. And Energy Events for bringing us all together.

I can never say it enough, volunteering is awesome. I encourage you if you can to see the race from a different perspective and get out there and volunteer.