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Confidence- The Accidental Athlete: A Relatable Read

Note: I received an e-book copy of this for free through my partnership with Tomoson. No other compensation involved.


When reading Stephanie Atwoods book: Confidence – The Accidental Athlete, the word that keeps coming into mind is relatable.

If you have followed my journey through any length of time. I was never really an athlete through high school. I 4aa98668143a5f73a5161bd7e254e9428a697eedkind of surfed through PE, never really encouraged to find that side. As I started adulthood, I started to drown in my own lack of confidence. Before I started running, I was really unhealthy mentally, and physically. It was a complete accident that we found running, to the point I hated it the first time.

And then I fell in love. It has become my best friend through some of lifes hardest challenges with my dads health issues. I still have people in my life who like to remind me that being seen in public glowing from sweat and out of breath is not “socially acceptable.”


Atwood’s journey goes into how movement has truly taught her that anything is possible. She encourages readers to believe in their own power and strength. She encourages readers to break that stereotype that some ladies are thrown into to, where it is unbecoming to push themselves to the same level as the guys, how its okay to settle.

This is a very quick ready; but for anyone who is looking or that extra dose of inspiration; this is a book you will want to read and keep on your shelf frequently. It is a ray of sunshine in a day that you might be facing a storm.

I am actually looking forward to reading more of Atwoods books. They are a quick easy read for someone who is always in the middle of a book.

You can check out her book here: Run With Style
It is currently 2.99.