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#bibravepro How Rudy Project is Changing the Way I See when I Run.

Note: I recieved these glasses through a partnership with Bib Rave. No other compensation was offered. As always these opinions are my own. Please check out being a Bib Rave Pro

I never thought Sunglasses could of ever make a workout better.

But then again I never knew about Rudy Project.

I got the chance to test out the Rudy Project Rydon Carbon glasses. Right out of the box, you realize these are different from any pairs you will see. They are built for those into the active lifestyle. I really do think these things can outlast the fact that I freely admit that I am hard on all my equipment. Also, they come with a two year warrenty; that covers no matter you might do to them.

To be honest, I have an overly large head. I have a hard time finding the nicer high quality sunglasses that actually fit my head and can stay comfortably. I had actually given up that process. So I was cynical at best about how good these could be for me.

But these are a game changer.

Right out of the box, they fit like they had been meant for me. They are adjustable so they can fit almost any head

Me out on the run with the glasses.
Me out on the run with the glasses.

At .88 ounces they are lightweight, it does not feel like you are wearing anything. I knew it was there, but it was never bulky, it never bounced around. I also never had to worry about sweat dripping down between my eyes.

The Pacific NW Weather tends to be bi-polar. It can go from bright and sunny to cloudy and wet within seconds. I tried them out on one run where it literally happened, and I learned about their polarized lenses that adjust from almost clear to the perfect protection from the glare from the sun.

The way the wrap around you, there is no issues with viability. You can still see everything around you and be aware of your surroundings without having to worry about big bulky frames.

I never ran with sunglasses unless they are the cheap ones you get at race booths at an expo and they had been part of a costume. I just never saw the purpose behind them. But what I noticed when I started to wear them is I was not dealing with eye strain or red eyes. I have had some runs where I come out of it with a major headache because of the sun, and I have not had to deal with that yet since I started training with them.

I get the fact these are expensive, and I don’t usually do reviews on things that are this expensive. But I also realized using these, you get what you pay for. As a Tri-Athlete friend of mine told me when he found of that I got these. “They are truly going to be the first and last glasses you will ever need.”

He was so envious he bought his own pair.

I think these are going to be with me for a long time in my running life.