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MinoTor: A good option for hydration needs (but sweet warning)

“Disclaimer: I received a Min0Tor to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!”

My tummy is pretty sensitive towards hydration and workout supplement options so I was curious when the opportunity came up to test the MinoTor hydration drink came up.

What gets my attention with MinoTor is there transparency in their ingredients and what they have to offer on the market.

B Vitamins

@drinkminotor has been so helpful in my @seattlemarathon and getting me through the 10 tons of chores I have #bibravepro #minotor

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This is as pure of a drink as you can get your hands on in the market. In training I have felt the differences, specifically on some of the harder bike rides and TRX combos I have been doing since Seattle. I have more energy, I can push a little further and go a little harder. This is great because the 2016 goals are pretty big and I am going to need to push myself further to get to where I want to go.

In a sea full of calorie and chemical filled hydration drinks; this only has 50 calories. For those who are watching their calorie intake this is a huge plus. I tend to stick with water because I do not want to take on those extra calories.

I love what the company stands for and it got my attention. Their goal was to create a great tasting, truly functional, ready-to-drink, premium sports supplement that would allow you to grow leaner, stronger, muscles, supply you with sustained energy, and accelerate recovery. We are dedicated to educating our community and providing you with high quality products that allow you to lead a healthier lifestyle through fitness.

Now, for me the taste is a big issue. The best comparison I have is its a very sweet coconut water. (I have to mix coconut water with other flavors to enjoy them.) The company said that the taste comes from the amino acids. I tried to take only half a bottle at a time, and I tried to mix it with water and the taste just did not work for me. One of my next projects is to add a little bit of lemon to this. (Its my go to answer)

This is going to be a great option for some people. Just sadly for me, its just too sweet to go in my normal rotation but I will be using it when I need the extra boost.

I highly recommend checking out their page and learning more DrinkMiniotor.com You can use the code BibRave1 to get 10 percent off and free shipping.

. The founders had been unhappy about what has been on the market.