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How Bit Gym has helped me get over my treadmill ADD……



I don’t think I am the only one honestly. I have the worst case of Treadmill ADD anywhere which is defiantly not the easiest thing when Oregon winters basically suck for road running.

Last year I stumbled upon Bit Gym. They had contacted my friends at Cardio Coach about using Seans workouts as part of their program and to be able to stay connected to someone who made such an impact in my life. I was totally interested.

And within the first few weeks I was a convert.

BitGym takes videos of popular running, biking, hiking ect routes around the world and uses the camera on your phone to take you on a cardio based tour. So for example my favorite one is Washington and it takes me through some of the most popular running and hiking trails. The pace of the tour changes as your pace changes, so if you are taking a walk break the video slows with you. If you are running sprints, the video speeds up with you. It also includes fast facts about the area and a lot of things you may not of known.

I normally use my playlist with it but it does allow you to immerse yourself in the natural sounds of the area.

If you are needing a more structured workout they have guided workouts with coaches that will guide you through a work out and encourage you to push harder. Of course my personal favorite is any of the Cardio Coach workouts. Working with Sean changed my life in so many ways. (You can go back in my blog and find things about Sean)

What I really love about it myself is it does indeed take my mind off the fact I am on a treadmill. I get into it, I ignore the people around me and enjoy it.

You can workout on the bike, treadmill, elliptical or rowing machine (though I have yet to figure out how it works on a rowing machine). The camera is great at following your pace no matter what machine you are using and gives you a great log and summery that you can share on social.

It does cost 7.99 a month but to me its been a small investment to pay to keep me treadmill motivated.

You can learn more here: Bit Gym

This was not a sponsored post. This is me just showing love to something that has helped me with my own training a lot and helped me deal with the fact that I hate treadmills. A LOT..