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Guest Post : Every Runner’s Skin Care Essentials

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I do not often accept guests posts. But I was intrigued as skin care is something I know as someone who is active I need to be more on top of.  I actually learned some things from this that I am going to start adopting. Please check out the author Diane Wells work at https://ripped.me/

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Nothing beats that incredible feeling of your entire body being invigorated with fresh air, sunshine, and the effort exerted during your daily run. However, as wonderful and healthy this habit may be, your skin is under tons of stress, both from all the sweat, sometimes poor choice of fabric for your wardrobe, and of course, the weather conditions.

That is why every avid runner needs a trusty skin care routine that will not only nourish your skin post-workout, but that will serve to safeguard your lovely complexion from damage and premature sighs of ageing. Let’s see what you can do to minimize the negative environmental effects and provide your skin the support it deserves to stay vital and resilient!

Time your runs well

Seasons do matter when it comes to creating your running schedule. Your skin needs time to adapt to changed temperatures and other weather occasions, such as rain, snow, wind, or sun, hence the need to consider moving your routine around to help your skin stay safe.

For instance, you can keep an eye on the forecast to make sure that you don’t set your winter run for the time of day when there’s heavy snowfall, especially if you’re not equipped for such circumstances. Then again, summers are particularly harsh anywhere between 10am and 5pm, so it’s best so run early in the morning or later in the evening. Both scenarios demand insect repellants, proper hydration, and of course, sun protection!

Dress for the occasion

So many people dress only based on their looks for their jogging session, and they end up with

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chafing, irritated skin, sunburn, or excessive body odor. The fabric of your clothes, their durability, and how much of your skin they actually cover all matter in making your training comfortable and skin-friendly.

There are various high-quality clothing pieces that are designed specially to keep you safe from the sun, and they are labeled as protective, along with their UV protection factor. Also, don’t stick just to your sports bra, as covering as much as your body as possible is the best way to go. Make sure to pick fabrics that prevent your skin from chafing, and use creams such as Gold Bond Friction Defense, for an extra layer of comfort and safety.

Don’t skip the sunscreen

No matter the time of year or the forecast, any time spent outside leaves you exposed to sun damage, even though this is most apparent during summer. Don’t let the clouds or the cool wintery days fool you, they are no guarantee that you will not cause any damage to your skin, and especially your face, as the most exposed part of your body.

You can start by using rich, season-specific moisturizers with a high degree of sun protection such as the Neostrata protective creams and make it an all-year-round habit. Enriched with antioxidants and other healthy ingredients, these hydrating skin potions are an excellent way to keep your skin safe and prevent premature wrinkles and sun spots.

Don’t neglect your lips

Your lovely pout deserves the same amount of attention as the rest of your face, and since they tend to be even more sensitive, perhaps even a bit more regular nourishment to prevent chapping. Just like you’d use facial masks to keep your complexion energized and vital, you can use homemade lip masks with honey to give them an extra level of care.

In addition to proper prevention, keep a nourishing lip balm always with you, and look for ingredients such as shea butter or coconut oil that promise to keep them moist and safe. A great example is the eos Active Lip Balm with a lemony fresh scent and an added touch of SPF for your outdoor adventures.

Manage your nutrition

In addition to your topical concoctions and wearables, your diet plays an essential role in skin care for runners, and especially when it comes to your hydration. Of course, most if not all runners always have a ready and full bottle of fresh water always by their side, but you should also tailor your daily menu to focus on feeding your skin from within.

Protein-packed foods such as eggs, fish, and lean meat are great for protecting your skin’s

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natural elasticity and collagen production. Add to that antioxidant-rich fruits and fiber-loaded veggies for a healthy GI tract and lots of immune system support, and your skin will have a much better chance at preventing environmental factors from harming its youthful glow.


With just a handful of lifestyle tweaks and some new healthy habits to infuse your running sessions with more skin-friendly options, your training routine will become yet another way to rejuvenate your skin and stay sun-safe all year long!


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