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Race Recap: Getting Rugged

I swore I was never going to do it.

I swore there was no way you would ever get me out from the work camera and on a course.

I swore I could not do anything.

And I did it.

Work afforded me the opportunity to jump in at Rugged Maniac at Portland International Raceway. I did this both as my social media peep at Mud Run Guide bringing you the best coverage. But I got to help my friend Dana as she tackled her first OCR.

You start with having the jump a wall to get into the start chute. I learned a lot from watching Spartan last year and I used the support bar and hauled myself up and over.

Without freaking out.

(Last year I freaked out at just trying a wall)

The course is spread out throughout Portland International Raceway. It has the typical obstacles you would expect, climbing ladders, walls, hanging obstacles ect.

My favorite, both from the spectator and from the now done it perspective is zero gravity. You climb up to a platform that has three trampolines that you jump on to move forward until you hit the cargo net wall, you climb up the cargo net and down the ladder.

I may of just saved myself the problem and jumped into the water for the Gauntlet which are these gym mats that make a pathway over the water, while you are ducking punching bags.

I also love frog hop, which are these plastic platforms in the water that you have to traverse while they are only held in place by a few ropes. I crawled…. I noticed the wide stance worked better and went for it.

There was a lot of climbing small mountains of dirt. A lot of climbing out of holes, and a lot of mud. Half of our course was on a motor cross track, and there was a lot of sliding and trying to make

You also have ones that test your fears. Claustrophia puts you in this dark narrow tunnel that you can not necessarily see the end of until you make the final turn. I literally followed whoever was behind me and kept my eyes on the ground.

There was some stuff that I could not realistically do. My grip and my wrist just will not allow for it. One of the things I love about Rugged is if there is something you can not do, its not a big deal. They want you to try (hense a couple I literally just jumped into the water and traversed that way).

And there is the accelerator.

I am afraid of heights. Heights make me cuss a lot. Accelerator actually starts at the warped wall. It was

My Resting Mud Face. Thank you Rugged for the photos.
recommended medically I dont try the wall yet so I took the ladder up (even though I did try a few things I probably should not of). Which led to a climb up Mt. Manaic which is a cargo net that is at an angle that leads up to the final of three shipping containers, which leads you to a super tiny ladder to the accelerator. The accelerator is a waterside that takes you all away down to the ground.

I was ready to scream.

The whole thing I learned is you can not over think it. As long as I put my head down and pushed through I could get through 90 percent of what was in front of me, and if I could not get through I found another way around. I think it was the universes way of reminding me that I could do more as long as I stopped being in my head so dang much about everything.

I will do Rugged again next year no matter where the road leads me (more on this at a later time, this is the third blog I have written in one night). I like it challenges people to push but the pressure is not as competitive as it is as something like a Spartan.

I highly encourage everyone to get to a Rugged near them. It can be a perfect challenge to push yourself no matter what level you are at.

Vancouver America Marathon Half Recap: Pacing Perfection

The goal was simple.

Pace a 3:00 half marathon.

And I was all of 8 seconds over which is as close to perfect.

The Vancouver America Marathon was a new event brought to you by RAM Racing, the same people who are behind Hot Chocolate which is another race which I have a lot of love for (and the second race I ever paced).  It was an unpopular race in general locally, but being I wanted the chance to continue to improve on how I am a pacer for a race. I jumped at the chance.

Packet pick-up was a breeze at Foot Traffic. I was in and out within mins and had my gear check bag.

I had won a race package from Foot Traffic which included pre-race night at the Hilton Vancouver which was a huge treat. I only had two blocks to walk.

We had a delayed start due to issues with the flagging (ironic I just wrote another piece on this). But once the race started this was mostly a gorgeous race. You started through Downtown Vancouver before heading towards Ft. Vancouver. I love running Ft. Vancouver in general and I love it even more when you don’t have to tackle the hill to the waterfront (I consider this a big win). You continued through some of the most industrial parts before heading back to the waterfront. Then you reached my less favorite part of the course, the east industrial area of Vancouver. It was hot at this point and a majority of this was a downhill up hill combo. It just felt brutal at that point and it was lined with some of the most friendly but homeless people you will meet.

This race was super small. And super small on support which is not bad, but if you do this race you might want to bring your own elcectolyetes.

I was on pace almost all away through the race and I was able to encourage a lot of people which is my job when it comes to events like this.

This is the first race for Vancouver America Marathon and there is defiantly room for improvement. I hope to be invited back next year to pace again.

The Champ…The King… And Tranquilo?

Wrestling Blog Time. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

So what is it like to meet unarguably the best wrestler on the planet?

I am still trying to put words to it.

If you know anything about me, you know social situations and me don’t get along. I have gotten better throughout the years, but its still always going to be a challenge for me. So I kind of figured I was in deep water when I bought myself a reward for getting through Rugged Maniac.

But I am SOOO glad that I did it.

I got the chance first to shake hands with Minoru Suzuki who is one of the toughest men on the planet. He is not only considered an icon in wrestling but a godfather of modern MMA. And he also scares most humans. But he could not of been nicer to me.

I also got to shake hands with one of the most popular stars in wrestling right now in Tetsuya Naito. Naito is so almost insanely humble. He wanted to shake hands with everyone and thank them for coming. The funny thing is our first photo did not come our right so Melissa, who was the assistant in the room and Naito both said to come back after all was said and done and they would re-try it. Naito also saw a photo of my kitty on my tablet which I had with me at the time and commented on how cute my kitty is.

OHH.. And then the main event.


Sorry, I had to do that.

I was so proud of myself because my anxiety stayed at bay. Until the second that I walked into the room and it literally tried to kick my a#@%.

I honestly don’t even know where it came from.

Let me say this, I have always been slightly inspired by the way Kenny looks at the fact that you can change the world. He set out to do things his way and change the world doing it his way. I wish I had half the guts he did to set myself out there and make things happen. This might of had a lot to do with where my nerves tried to kick me into next week.

But anyhow I digress.

Kenny could not have been any kinder or for that matter anymore gentle. I think he caught on how nervous I was. He blamed my nerves on something else. (Ill never forget the dog in the room thank you Kenny.) he asked if I wanted to hold the IWGP World Title. He also encouraged me to stay positive and keep pushing forward in what I want to accomplish.

Seriously, thank you to everyone at NJPW for making the meet and greet happen at Treasure Island (which is the craziest place in SF BTW). It was well organized and everyone had their moment with the stars of their choosing,

The photos of me are amazing. I swear I have not seen myself smile so much in a long time.

Thank you to Mr. Suzuki for making me feel so welcome, thank you to Mr. Naito for giving me a second shot at the photo and being such a down to earth genuine gentlemen and Kenny, thank you for making it so much easier. Thank you for your words, thank you for what you said Saturday night at the show as well.