Dear FitBloggin Family-

I miss you.

I miss learning from you. You are some of the smartest people who I have ever met, and every encounter that I have with you, I feel like I have learned so much not only about social media and being a fitness blogger. But, I learned what it is to accept myself for the crazy, determined unstoppable but kind of strange lady that I am.

I miss the heart and soul fabulousness that comes from hanging out with you. You are truly the only people who can

Taching Zumba at #fitbloggin Portland.
Teaching Zumba at #fitbloggin Portland.
get me to throw my shoes off and dance (without drinking). How we can break out in laughter over the smallest of things. How I can totally forget the moves to a Zumba song and we keep going.

The last time I saw you was close to two years ago. You guys supported me through the ongoing medical issues with my father. You helped me celebrate college graduation. You gave me the confidence to do what I needed to and make Zombie Running Princess a thing and step out on my own. You got me to sing… BADLY.

Being around you guys reminds me of being with family. I miss that. I could not do Savannah because that was very costly.

It’s not too hard to realize that if you have followed me for any length of time, my life right now is complicated. We are still dealing with a lot of issues with my dad. There is just no way I could afford conference fee’s, the flight, a hotel (even though there are some couches in Denver open to me). FitBloggin is offering this amazing package to get to go to the conference. If I was lucky enough to end up with this in my lap, it would make my dream year complete.

Great Fitbloggin Givaway offers you a chance to win hotel, conference entry and last years amazing swag bag. This is a group of people you want to get involved with. They are the most amazing group of people that you will always learn from, and always feel part of. I highly recommend trying to make it if you ever can. You will truly feel welcome, and you will learn so much as a blogger.