It is true.

There is a run that supports every cause.

And you do not even have to be in Portland to join.

Last year while I was still writing for Run Oregon I was introduced to the Cause+Event 5K/10K. They are an event that takes place in Beaverton Oregon. What sets them apart from other races, is they donate a portion of your entry fee to a charity of your choosing. Last year I was involved with Team Congo PDX which raises money for Women for Women International.

When I ran it last year, one of the best parts of the race was being able to see all the different causes out on the course. No matter what you might want to support they offer a chance for you to give back.

If you are in the local area, I can not recommend this race enough. It is a amazing course, very beautiful area and so well organized. (And I already talked about giving back, that is huge)


One of the best things about this race is they offer anyone the ability to run and you do not have to be in our local area to run it. They offer the chance to run virtually. Because of all the chaos, I was not certain I would be able to run this year and I took advantage of the chance to run it on my schedule.

They have less then 300 spots renaminglogo. Please check them our below.