I miss Zumba.

Because of what has been going on in my family, I have not been to Zumba or done Zumba in 15 months. My workout time is limited and so dedicated to my running time. Zumba is just not a huge priority. But when I saw a chance to dance with the amazing Portland Zumba community. I jumped quickly. I needed that positive, crazy juice.

Our day of performing started early. We had a rehearsal at 1:30 so we knew where we needed to be on the court. We could go through the dance a few times, work on getting on and off the court. It was nice to see some of the amazing people I have met through my crazy fitness journey.

Satha, who is one of the most amazing positive people that I have ever come across has helped organize this event for the past few years was joined by a new face to me, Zumba George. I had heard about some of the amazing things that he has done but this is the first time I have ever gotten to dance with him. His energy is amazing and pretty infectious.

Like the first time I ever did this a couple years ago. I got stuck in the back row. This time by choice as I asked to be put there. I have big clunky feet at times that need more space.

Zumba Group Photo The routine was to Pitbulls Fireball. The bad news for me is I did not have much time to work on it. There is just a ton of stuff on my plate. But I picked up on it pretty fast. And was lucky to have some great people around me who knew it really well.

After a couple time running through it (which at this point made me really okay with doing this) we worked on getting in and off the floor which is a science in itself.

Performance time was a bundle of excited energy. Lets be blunt, there is only one team in the NBA that I ever pay attention to (#thunderup). So I spent more time just enjoying the people and the sights. Blazer games have their own amazing energy. And the people are really dang cool. The group met up on the concourse before heading down to the courtside level. Everyone was excited. We spent a lot of time talking to each other, taking photos, taking our big group photo.

The performance itself went so fast. I was so into it that I was just off in my own world. I was way over the top. Which I was having fun with. It was good to me, to just go off and be a show girl.

I miss the Zumba community. Some of them have been some of the most amazing and supportive people even as I have gone through all my chaos.

One thing I learned, I need to go back to dancing quickly.