I have been meaning to sit down and work on the blog for a bit but my life has been super crazy. Clients have been keeping me busy with projects, my social media clients are doing big things. My dads situation has been liquid and  I am running….. I have not taken the time to sit down and blog. Because I have flat out not had the time.

I am so unbelivably honored that Skirt Sports just recently named me a 261 Fearless Woman. For those who do not know, this is in conjunction with the first women to ever run Boston Kathrine Switzer, They let me share my story about how running has changed my life and how to me running is totally beyond the idea of PR’s and being fast. It will always be about me finding myself. The feedback that I have gotten was amazing. I have said it before and I will say it again; Running has given me so many amazing gifts, if I can pay it forward so be it.

I have also recently been named a Expresso bike team captain for our gym. I will always be sharing the virtues of how awesome it is to use the bikes at West Coast Fitness. You will be hearing about the latest challenges ect here.  If your gym has expresso bikes, they are the best. Interactive, challenging and just fun.

There is a lot going on  right now, not a lot I am willing to share as I am trying to work on details and I do not dare jinx myself. But this thing is going in the direction I want to go.