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#miles4meals The Color Run offers a chance to pay it forward in color

Getting messy to help others?

I am in!

The Color Run is offering an opportunity for participants to help donate three meals to families that may not be able to put food on their tables through their #miles4meals movement this winter.

Commit to running, walking, or however you want to finish a 5K. For 15.00; they will send you a complete 2015 Color Run kit, including a shirt, headband, the Shine medal, and two color packs. They encourage you to take pictures using the #miles4meals hashtag.

For every participant, they will donate three meals to organizations like Three Square Food bank to help people struggling to put food on their table.

From their website:

Get Moving. Give Back. Through our partnerships with charities like Three Square Food Bank we will donate 3 meals to feed those in need on behalf of every runner who takes part in The Color Run Miles for Meals Movement. Not only will you be staying healthy this holiday season, but your 5k will literally feed someone who needs it most for a day. It the best kind of holiday math. 1=3. One 5k. Three meals. Let that put a smile on your face and all those around during your run.

You can find out more here: #miles4meals

The Color Run: Discount Codes and Halloween Sale

I have made it no secret, I am a BIG fan of The Color Run. I love what they bring together. I love how they bring people who might not necessarily be out there on a 5K course out and get them active.

Here is an updated schedule

10.30 – DETROIT, MI
11.07 – OAHU, HI
11.14 – MIAMI, FL
01.16 – ORLANDO, FL
01.23 – TEMPE, AZ
02.27 – LAS VEGAS, NV

10.30 – DETROIT, MI

If you click below: You can get 5.00 off any event. Also, they are offering 30 percent off in their Color Run store, which has some cute stuff.

The Color Run

Note: I am a current affiliate for The Color Run. I will receive a commission for anyone who registers on my link. It does not change the fact that I am a huge fan.

Summer Solstice Urban Adventure Run Recap: Volunteers make the event

For as much as I have grown in this journey the one thing I do not and will never like is the unknown.

When a friend asked me to join her at the Summer Solstice Urban Adventure Run. I was excited, and then I looked it up online, and the apprehension set in. But it goes to help the Clark County Food Bank so I was game to see it.

This is different then any race we have have here. You have 2 hours to hit as many checkpoints as you can and then comeback to Esther Short Park for the raffle. At each station you had been met with a physical or mental challenge

10984501_10205509150061124_3074076637234489451_nand a riddle to get to your next stop. The stops had been all through out Downtown Vancouver.

My Team RWB Teammate Malinda was the one who invited me to join her on this. We both went into this knowing we had planned on walking between stations and just tackling as much as we could. She was not a runner, and I was trying to get myself mentally ready for Vancouver USA the next day.

The event starts when you pick up your map. If I could wish this race to improve one thing it would be right here. One person on your team would go into this circle and the race director would throw the maps up in the air and you had to scramble to get one.

We got our map and found our first location quickly.

I could talk about all of the stops. But I want to talk about my favorite one.

About midway through our journey we got faced with a rather dusty dirty mini obstacle course. You had tires run,

Me vs Wall.
Me vs Wall.
then you climbed over walls that led to balance beams that you could not touch the ground or you would be penalized with extra work. It looked like a little beast, and I agreed to take it on, even though I am not the strongest with it. The volunteers had been amazing. They really encouraged me to go after it. I can not say enough good things about these guys. They really wanted to see people succeed. Flat out, these guys made it so much better.

Some of the other stops consisted of physical challenges including a mini circuit training session, rowing for 1,000 meters, tire flips, throwing grapes in your teammates mouths, eating a cricket (Thank you Malinda for doing that one or me.)

After two hours you went back to Esther Short Park for awards which you got a great medal and a chance to win some great prizes (I got a new tank from Doppleganger Clothing that I LOVE).

This is a great small event, that really encourages you to push yourself but listen to your body. For as much apprehension as I had, I loved this event and it is defiantly going on my radar for next year. On top o

#1millonminutes MadLib @Sweatpink

I am part of the #1millionminutes Project with Sweat Pink. They presented us with a madlib today.

I am so excited to join #1MillionMinutes with #sweatpink! This summer my goal is to do __1000___ (number) minutes of __fun________ (activity), while wearing my favorite _________ (color) __skirt____(noun).

I predict that we’ll ___shatter___ (Verb) the goal of #1MillionMinutes – we’ll actually hit ___1.5_____ (number) of minutes this summer! I predict that __running______ (activity) will be the top-logged movement.

I’ll get extra minutes in by __walking______ (verb) to__everywhere________ (place)!

My favorite way to get extra minutes in is by __run_______ (verb) with __me________(person). _myself_______(person) is my BEST activity partner because he/she is so ___me!____(adjective). Our favorite way to relax post-workout is to _strech_______.

I tag _____anyone who reads my blog____, ___________, and _______ ( people) to help us reach #1MillionMInutes… or more!

Dear @SeattleMarathon; A love letter

Dear Seattle Marathon:

You already know me. I have taken on your full and taken on your half. You push me, you challenge me, you make me take on weather conditions I never thought I could run in (remember last year?), you make me find the best in myself every year and I keep coming back stronger.

You are my marathon PR, a PR I have not been able to touch since.

I love your tunnels, I love hearing the sounds of runners cheering each other and the insane amount of echo.

I love your volunteers, who brave the insane weather conditions to support the runners and always have a smile on my face.

I love your hills… (I think) especially the one at mile 7.5ish/19ish. (Okay so that might be a little wrong)

The Lake Washington Sunrise
The Lake Washington Sunrise
I love your views of Lake Washington.

I have had the honor of being a Seattle Humane Society Charity Athlete for two years, its thanks to you it can happen. It is your willingness to help the community.

Just as much as I know and love you, you guys know me. You are the only race ever that has wished me Happy Birthday before, so I think you get my social media reach and my ability to tell your story.

I am a well known race and event volunteer here in Portland willing to help where I can (and where being a mass transit runner allows), but I am most known for being the Vana White at the First Thursday Urban Adventure Run, which is the biggest event of its type on the west coast.

For me, running is my love. Even though my race schedule has taken a beating due to ongoing health issues with my father. Running has always kept me connected to how strong I can be. I share my story of not only finding my health and finding my strength through running in the hopes it can inspire someone else.

(Even if you don’t name me an ambassador, I will be back this year. I have to make up for last year, when I ran the race coming off of a cold, and EVERY race photographer got a photo of me blowing my nose on the course. )

Much love

Four Years Stronger

When my whole journey started. I said it was never going to go further then loosing the weight and maybe running a 5k.

Excuse me while I laugh loudly.

Four years ago this weekend, I did the one thing I never thought I would do.

After visiting the OKC Memorial Museum the year before and hearing from one of the ladies there about how truly301813_10150862255927288_80951724_n special the marathon was and how it brings their community together; I made the decision that if I was going to try to run one, this was going to have to be the one. I had no clue what I was walking into, and I honestly had no clue what kind of challenge it was going to be.

Anyone who has ran OKC will tell you that this is truly a special event. It is the key fundraiser for the memorial that commemorates the events of April 19th 1995. It’s focused on remembering those impacted, those lost and remembering the impact of violence, and remembering that we are stronger then that violence.

They call it the Run to Remember.

I admit, I did not know what I was walking into when I decided on that race. I never realized how much harder training would be on that race compared to the halfs (which I was starting to feel comfortable on).

I have to admit it, ever since I went nuts and jumped into the world of the full’s I realized how much stronger I really was. Marathons are tough work.

But the people in OKC are amazing. I have yet to run an event that has such a special feel. Everything is out there for one reason, to remember and to tell the world that we will not be defined by the violence. The water stops are small parties. There is always an encouraging group of runners to help you through the tough stuff.

I never thought I would do more then the one. I have been back to OKC three times (I really wish I could be there this year) battled in Seattle, ran and been an ambassador twice for SF.

OKC will always have a very special place in my heart. As I said when I was there last time, I am not done with you. I don’t think I ever will be.

See Jane Run Introduces: Superjane 70

I just want to say this.

This is awesome.

I received the following press release from See Jane Run about a new program they are starting at their events. Take a look and see if you have someone special in your life that might be eligible

SAN FRANCISCO, March 16, 2015 — San Francisco-based women’s running company See Jane Run is offering FREE race registrations to ALL women 70 years old or over. See Jane Run salutes and celebrates the wise women of the world! As we all go through the inevitable challenges of aging, we want to support the woman who inspire and motivate us to keep fit and healthy into our golden years. We also want to motivate you to keep going, to press on and to stay 11001781_10153119709529662_1046587527869082598_nactive as you age. Introducing: SUPERJANE70!

The Superjane 70 program offers special SUPERJANE70 shirts, superhero capes for all of our Superjanes and on-stage recognition for this amazing group of women. Let’s keep moving! As the wise woman Helen Hayes once said, “If you rest, you rust.”

To get your free race registration, use code SUPERJANE70 at checkout. All Superjanes must pick up their own packet, show ID and they can not transfer their numbers to others.

The See Jane Run Half Marathon & 5K Race Series is in The San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle, with races planned next year in Los Angeles CA, Kansas City KS, Boise ID and San Antonio TX. The See Jane Run Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon is in Pleasanton, California.