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ZRP Musings: Can we not find balance? #fitfluential #runchat

Time to pull up an Appletini….

Yes I said Appletini.

(If you know me as a wrestling fan, the analogy is well known)

SF Marathon training is going well. I had by far my strongest run in almost ten months this weekend. So I feel like everything is heading in the right direction. Adding OCR training and shaking up my training has been a life saver. I just wish this weather would stop making my allergies so cranky. I am going to do a blog soon on all the things I learned from my foam rolling class because its been helping so much.

If you read my blog from a few weeks ago you realize I had come to a point with my blogging, and being an influencer that I just literally have walked away from trying to be a health and fitness blogger because I was so sick of watching people so sick of watching people making obviously unhealthy decisions and inspiring people to go down that path.

Someone I look up to today was taking grief from others because she wanted to treat herself to the new Unicorn

I wish I could take credit for this. But is was PERFECT for the message I wanted to share here.
Frappuccino. She is an elite athlete who believes in moderation. She does not believe in the idea that exercise is punishment for food. There is no clean eating and not clean eating with her. She loves her body and lives her life.

Why is this not so easy for people to understand?

Actually I get it. Towards late last year I realized that I wanted to be in the same position as other bloggers and I was willing to lose my voice for it. We want to be the image of health and fitness, we want to be that inspiration. I knew better. But I was having the wrong conversation in my head that I was not good enough, not skinny enough or not fast enough.

I just had to remember. I need to be able to be healthy and happy. Chasing a standard. Punishing yourself for bad choices is not.

It is the same thing I was lucky enough to be taught by some amazing people and I get reminded of frequently. The last few weeks have helped me realize that I can re-balance in my eating. I do not need cake every day but having a treat is not bad.


There is more.

It is also about listening to your body. Remember the blogger I talked about in the previous blog. While still dealing with stress fractures she ran/walked the Boston Marathon. She was cleared to walk off her crutches last Monday.


You heard me right.

And the thing is so many people are congratulating her. Congratulating her for something that is though impressive, is kind of insane.

Maybe I am not seeing it.

Ill stand by what I said in the earlier blog. The journey is never easy. But the journey is never black and white.

Giveaway Alert! @OregonZoo Zoo Lights Opening Coming Soon #zoolightspdx

It is not often I skip outside the running world, but this is such an amazing opportunity that I could not pass this up.

It wouldn’t be the holidays in Portland without a visit to the Oregon Zoo’s annual winter festival, ZooLights. As you walk around the zoo, you’ll see a dazzling display of a more than million and half lights, and experience your zoo in a whole new light. ZooLights runs from November 25, 2016 to January 1, 2017.

Scenes from the 25th Anniversary Oregon Zoo ZooLights, in 2012. ©Oregon Zoo/ photo by Shervin Hess
Scenes from the 25th Anniversary Oregon Zoo ZooLights, in 2012. ©Oregon Zoo/ photo by Shervin Hess
Zoolights to me is the holiday highlight of living in Portland. It is truly breath taking to be able to take in all the lights and see all the little kids get the holiday spirit. There is a chance to get traditional holiday food and drink and their will be local school groups performing.

And this year it is bigger and better then ever!:

ZooLights is bigger than ever, with a continuous loop drawing visitors on a glowing, kaleidoscopic walk through the zoo. A carousel has been added, and the train ride, a popular add-on attraction, will once again feature an interactive experience with some favorite seasonal characters near the Family Farm.

The only thing you really need to be aware of is its night time so there will not be a lot of animals viewable. But to me, every time I have been there it feels like a wonderland.

Things you need to know:
Special “value nights” during the first three weeks offer visitors a chance to experience ZooLights for less.
Timed train tickets, which reduce train wait times, can be purchased in advance online.
Parking lots tend to fill quickly during ZooLights, so all visitors are encouraged to ride the MAX to the zoo. Guests can show proof of fare at the gate to receive a discount on ZooLights admission (see table below for details), or save time at the gate by pre-purchasing tickets online.
November 25, 2016 through January 1, 2017. Closed December 24 & 25.
Member preview night is Wednesday, November 23.
Sunday through Thursday 5 – 8 p.m.
Friday & Saturday 5 – 9 p.m.
ZooLights tickets are valid for zoo admission after 4 p.m.
Guests may stay on-grounds for one hour after the gates close.
Trains begin running at 5 p.m., and will continue running as business dictates. Guests are encouraged to walk through ZooLights before riding the train – train lines are often busiest at the beginning of the evening.

You can check out all the details here: Oregon Zoo Zoo Lights

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Race Preview: Race to Remember Veterans Race at Fort Vancouver #runchat #bibchat

As part of Fort Vancouvers annual Veterans Parade, Race to Remember will be hosting their annual 5K and 11K race to help honor the those who have fought for our freedoms.

The parade is in its 30th year. The parade route is around the Fort Vancouver National Site. The parade begins at the east end of Officers Row at East Reserve Street. The route continues west along Evergreen Blvd, down Fort Vancouver Way, east on 5th street, ending past the Pearson Air Museum. Attendees are welcome to watch the parade from the sidewalks and grass areas all along the parade route. It will feature more then 120 entries and 2,500 participants.

14469696_1320258137984608_6173739107008941104_nThe race itself offers a 5K and 11k distance and will start on the parade route and then takes the land bridge before heading for the Columbia River (for those who know the area, yes this means you will be going down the infamous land bridge hill, but you will also be going up it as it is an up and back course). The 5K turns around on the waterfront while the 11K goes out to the industrial area before turning around and coming back to the water. Anyone who has ran courses in Vancouver will attest that these are amazing courses.

From Race to the Remember’s website: Race to Remember is a military nonprofit “Race to Remember” is the name of our nonprofit. Race to Remember was founded in 2009 after our founder unexpectedly lost her fiancé Jason Vinyard a 20 year Veteran serving at Ft Vancouver Base. The purpose of our organization is to make sure that our communities Never Forget the sacrifice that our brave men and women of the military made to protect our Freedom.  We currently organize three races, Race to Remember for Veterans Day and Race to Remember for Memorial Day and United We Stand for 9/11. In addition to racing we organize and participate in other events that honor and support our Veterans e.g. military care package drives, Honor Flight flag escorts, veteran moving assistance, as well as providing opportunities for our local youth to better understand the true meaning behind the Veteran Day Holiday. Our ultimate goal is to build partnership with other organizations in our communities and throughout the nation to help us honor and support our past and present Military Heroes as well one day provide a scholarship to the children of the men and women that made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

I have had the pleasure of working with Race to Remember on several projects. I am excited that this will be my first race for them.

You can find out more about the race here: Veterans Day Race: Race to Remember

#miles4meals The Color Run offers a chance to pay it forward in color

Getting messy to help others?

I am in!

The Color Run is offering an opportunity for participants to help donate three meals to families that may not be able to put food on their tables through their #miles4meals movement this winter.

Commit to running, walking, or however you want to finish a 5K. For 15.00; they will send you a complete 2015 Color Run kit, including a shirt, headband, the Shine medal, and two color packs. They encourage you to take pictures using the #miles4meals hashtag.

For every participant, they will donate three meals to organizations like Three Square Food bank to help people struggling to put food on their table.

From their website:

Get Moving. Give Back. Through our partnerships with charities like Three Square Food Bank we will donate 3 meals to feed those in need on behalf of every runner who takes part in The Color Run Miles for Meals Movement. Not only will you be staying healthy this holiday season, but your 5k will literally feed someone who needs it most for a day. It the best kind of holiday math. 1=3. One 5k. Three meals. Let that put a smile on your face and all those around during your run.

You can find out more here: #miles4meals

The Color Run: Discount Codes and Halloween Sale

I have made it no secret, I am a BIG fan of The Color Run. I love what they bring together. I love how they bring people who might not necessarily be out there on a 5K course out and get them active.

Here is an updated schedule

10.30 – DETROIT, MI
11.07 – OAHU, HI
11.14 – MIAMI, FL
01.16 – ORLANDO, FL
01.23 – TEMPE, AZ
02.27 – LAS VEGAS, NV

10.30 – DETROIT, MI

If you click below: You can get 5.00 off any event. Also, they are offering 30 percent off in their Color Run store, which has some cute stuff.

The Color Run

Note: I am a current affiliate for The Color Run. I will receive a commission for anyone who registers on my link. It does not change the fact that I am a huge fan.

Summer Solstice Urban Adventure Run Recap: Volunteers make the event

For as much as I have grown in this journey the one thing I do not and will never like is the unknown.

When a friend asked me to join her at the Summer Solstice Urban Adventure Run. I was excited, and then I looked it up online, and the apprehension set in. But it goes to help the Clark County Food Bank so I was game to see it.

This is different then any race we have have here. You have 2 hours to hit as many checkpoints as you can and then comeback to Esther Short Park for the raffle. At each station you had been met with a physical or mental challenge

10984501_10205509150061124_3074076637234489451_nand a riddle to get to your next stop. The stops had been all through out Downtown Vancouver.

My Team RWB Teammate Malinda was the one who invited me to join her on this. We both went into this knowing we had planned on walking between stations and just tackling as much as we could. She was not a runner, and I was trying to get myself mentally ready for Vancouver USA the next day.

The event starts when you pick up your map. If I could wish this race to improve one thing it would be right here. One person on your team would go into this circle and the race director would throw the maps up in the air and you had to scramble to get one.

We got our map and found our first location quickly.

I could talk about all of the stops. But I want to talk about my favorite one.

About midway through our journey we got faced with a rather dusty dirty mini obstacle course. You had tires run,

Me vs Wall.
Me vs Wall.
then you climbed over walls that led to balance beams that you could not touch the ground or you would be penalized with extra work. It looked like a little beast, and I agreed to take it on, even though I am not the strongest with it. The volunteers had been amazing. They really encouraged me to go after it. I can not say enough good things about these guys. They really wanted to see people succeed. Flat out, these guys made it so much better.

Some of the other stops consisted of physical challenges including a mini circuit training session, rowing for 1,000 meters, tire flips, throwing grapes in your teammates mouths, eating a cricket (Thank you Malinda for doing that one or me.)

After two hours you went back to Esther Short Park for awards which you got a great medal and a chance to win some great prizes (I got a new tank from Doppleganger Clothing that I LOVE).

This is a great small event, that really encourages you to push yourself but listen to your body. For as much apprehension as I had, I loved this event and it is defiantly going on my radar for next year. On top o