Dear Seattle Marathon:

You already know me. I have taken on your full and taken on your half. You push me, you challenge me, you make me take on weather conditions I never thought I could run in (remember last year?), you make me find the best in myself every year and I keep coming back stronger.

You are my marathon PR, a PR I have not been able to touch since.

I love your tunnels, I love hearing the sounds of runners cheering each other and the insane amount of echo.

I love your volunteers, who brave the insane weather conditions to support the runners and always have a smile on my face.

I love your hills… (I think) especially the one at mile 7.5ish/19ish. (Okay so that might be a little wrong)

The Lake Washington Sunrise
The Lake Washington Sunrise
I love your views of Lake Washington.

I have had the honor of being a Seattle Humane Society Charity Athlete for two years, its thanks to you it can happen. It is your willingness to help the community.

Just as much as I know and love you, you guys know me. You are the only race ever that has wished me Happy Birthday before, so I think you get my social media reach and my ability to tell your story.

I am a well known race and event volunteer here in Portland willing to help where I can (and where being a mass transit runner allows), but I am most known for being the Vana White at the First Thursday Urban Adventure Run, which is the biggest event of its type on the west coast.

For me, running is my love. Even though my race schedule has taken a beating due to ongoing health issues with my father. Running has always kept me connected to how strong I can be. I share my story of not only finding my health and finding my strength through running in the hopes it can inspire someone else.

(Even if you don’t name me an ambassador, I will be back this year. I have to make up for last year, when I ran the race coming off of a cold, and EVERY race photographer got a photo of me blowing my nose on the course. )

Much love