Through my partnership with Sweatpink I got the chance to learn about The Everymove App.

The Everymove App debuted in 2010 with the mission to inspire people to get moving by offering incentives for logging your activities. One thing that hit me the first time I looked at this app, is it even allows you to turn your activity into donations (Since I started I have donated to Make a Wish and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center). EverymoverewardsThere are possibilities for discounts through popular health online retailers including one of my favorite, Energy Bites. Each time you win an reward you can choose your next goal and work towards it

You can record your steps, you can hook in with most of the major existing fitness technology, you can also record how much time you spend on house work, cleaning and for that matter almost anything that involves movement. It also ties in to all of your social media outlets to collect information about you going to the gym ect. You can also tie it in to your employer and your health plan to earn bigger rewards.

I loaded it on my ipad and my biggest issue is there are someday I forget to log into it so it takes some practice and discipline to remember. For me, just so I can give back, this becomes worth it.