If you have followed me for any length of time in social media. You already know that one of my favorite websites is Rock My Run. (You can check them out at rockmyrun.com) It has been my source for good music for workouts and running music for almost two years. I literally do not go anywhere else for music.

I have even been featured on their website as a Rock My Run Lover. I swear by it for a reason. They are truly the best option for me when it comes to music.

For those who do not know what Rock My Run is. Rock My Run features music mixes that go from 30 mins to 120 mins and

About 1/4 of my collection of Rock My Run favorites.
About 1/4 of my collection of Rock My Run favorites.
longer for those of you who are training for endurance events. And for those of you who are like me and have music tastes that go from one end to the other, (I go from country to old school rock, to Irish, to rap.) Rock My Run answers you. You can search by song, by genre, if you find they have particular DJ’s mixes you love you can look for them.

I have several favorite mixes. Honestly, it just depends on my mood and what the workout is. Also a lot of times if I am doing work in the office or working on chores I am rocking out to their mixes. Right now, I am really into the Old School Rock “Taking Care of Business”. But again is really does change based on my mood and what I am doing.

They also have an app for those of you running on Apple or Android, where you can stream music. (I am on a Windows Phone so I don’t get to.) But never fear, you can also download your tunes.

You can download one shorter length mix a month when you have a free account (which is good in itself). But if you like the longer mixes, or need more downloads plans start at 4.99 a month. I just finally made the jump to a premium plan and I am in HEAVEN. When you think about how much Itunes costs for just one song. This is a amazing deal.

Rock My Run appreciated my love so much they sent me some goodies. But I am in the mood to share. Check out the giveaway now.

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Disclaimer: Rock My Run did not contact me about my review. I have been a fan of theirs for 2 plus years, they just offered up goodies because I am already a huge fan. One winner will be drawn for the headband and gift card.