When one of my fellow bloggers reached out to me about the #Givethem20 Challenge; I was a little reluctant to do it at first because.

I look like a dweeb on video.

But then I looked at what this was about. This is not about fundraising. This is about raising awareness to the daunting task that the American Corporate Partners is doing.

From their website

At American Corporate Partners (ACP), our mission is focused on assisting our returning military build their next careers. Since ACP’s founding in 2008, thousands of Veterans have connected with professionals for advice through our formal Veteran Mentoring Program. Their success stories inspired us to explore ways to introduce even more veterans to the business community.

With one million service members returning home and millions more who have previously served, we designed an online platform for all veterans to easily connect with professionals nationwide. Whether Veterans are deployed overseas or have already returned home, they can begin developing their next careers by receiving guidance through ACP AdvisorNet.

#Givethem20 is to not only recognize the Service Members. But it is to recognize the volunteers that work with ACP to help find and advise the service members in finding their next step.

I decided to swallow up my anti-burpee pride. I have had the pleasure of meeting several vets through Team RWB, my grandfather and my uncle are vets. I have met several service families through my coupon work. Also several of my PWF family are vets. (Those Burpees are for you guys) Its a cause that is really close to me.

On video; I challenge Team PWF and one of my favorite people on the planet Ashton Vuitton. But honestly, I challenge anyone who reads this blog to take a few mins out of your day and #Givethem20 to support ACP, and challenge two of your friends to do the same.

Make sure you check out the #Givethem20 Project at http://www.givethem20.org

And warning. I do the worst burpees ever.