Hey West Cast Fitness Peeps-

I have not gotten mine set up yet. But this sounds pretty amazing. I just got the following email.

As usual questions, find me at the gym.

Today I’m excited to announce that if you are one of the 14 million Americans insured by Humana then you can now connect your HumanaVitality® account to your My Expresso account and earn Vitality Points™ when you ride your Expresso Bike!

What is HumanaVitality®?

HumanaVitality® is a wellness and rewards program that will put you on the path to healthier living. With HumanaVitality®, you can earn hotel stays, digital cameras, and more — for everyday healthy behavior. Live healthier and earn great rewards along the way! To learn more visit humana.com/vitality.

This is awesome! How do I connect my account?

Download the HumanaVitality® App and Sign In.
Select Menu > Connect > Expresso > Enter your Expresso Rider ID and Password to connect.
Go ride to earn Vitality Points™ and claim your rewards!

At Interactive Fitness, we truly appreciate our riders and the millions of miles you have traveled on your Expresso Bikes. We will continue to work to make exercise fun, engaging and social. We hope you enjoy the HumanaVitality® app and the rewards that come with it!

Ride on!

Ross Stensrud

CMO Interactive Fitness