I found out about Renegade Roasting through one of my more favorite Professional Wrestlers, Christopher Daniels. I without doubt love their coffee a lot. (I can and will soon write an entire blog on how much I love their coffee) Another thing I love is their weekly emails, because they truly make you think. I have been staring at this weeks email for awhile. It has been making me think where I am in my life right now.

The bottom line, is my life is pretty complicated right now. But there are so many good things going on. But I feel like I am constantly uncomfortable, and it gets old. I love my self-employment situation even though I do not make as much as I really want to be making. I love working with my clients, because they have exciting things going on. The uncertainty at times is insane and makes me want to go back to a traditional office job. But that being said, a traditional office job would make me miserable.

I actually interviewed for something last week, that I did not realize going into it would be an office job, and I walked out of the interview knowing I would be good at it. How happy would I be?

And I would not have the time to peruse the things that make my life happy.

Running is always challenging me and keeping me uncomfortable. It always challenges me and forces me to figure out how uncomfortable I can make myself. Running marathons still scares me. I am still looking at the idea of an ultra (even though it may not pan out in 2015, for more logistical issues then anything). It is the same mindset I need to take to my life.

Renegade gave me a chance to realize that as much as I am uncomfortable, that is going to get me where I need to go.

Now their email..

The world around you is making you weak. You can see it everywhere. We’ve gone soft.

People get flustered by long stoplights, lose their temper over no wifi, and treat a walk through cold, windy weather like its armageddon.

Sure, modern comforts and technological breakthroughs have done amazing things. But when taken too far, they leech out of us any remaining shreds of toughness, creating a fear of discomfort and a flinch at the hard work necessary to reach your full potential.

How do we combat this push towards pampering?By living the strenuous life.

Theodore Roosevelt coined this concept and explained

“A mere life of ease is not in the end a very satisfactory life, and, above all, it is a life which ultimately unfits those who follow it for serious work in the world.”

No one will argue that any commendable success requires commitment, discipline, patience, and fortitude. It requires that you challenge your mind and body to transcend the limits that you had once set for yourself.

But momentum is a very powerful force. And when you come to depend on the ease with which you can live, the expectation of comfort creates a momentum that bleeds over into your own mindset, diluting your ability to handle adversity.

It’s human nature to always trend towards the path of least resistance and avoid the uncomfortable. But that path, as Teddy explains, is neither satisfactory nor fit for people like you.

So, embrace the strenuous life. Go out of your way to maintain the grit that is so tough to develop.
Take cold showers. Use the stairs, even if its 20 flights. Run sprints. Have the difficult conversations. Sweat more. Think harder. Embrace the fear of the unknown and uncomfortable.

Constantly challenging yourself and let this momentum of toughness- the momentum the strenuous life creates- carry you away from conventional weakness.