Note: Why Racing has been kind enough to offer me a free entry in trade for talking about their event. The thing is; I LOVE their event. Its my PR on a half marathon course and its by far one of the prettiest courses in the Portland/Vancouver area. So these opinions are my own.

Girlfriends Run for the Cure is a truly one of a kind event that will be taking place Sunday October 11, in the Portland/Vancouver area that brings together ladies (and some very brave and inspirational guys) to raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness (Through Susan G. Komen). The event was founded by Sherri and the team at NW Personal Training in Vancouver WA. when one of her best friends was diagnosed. The team goes out of its way to make sure every lady who comes out for the half or the quarter marathon get pampered and honored for making the commitment to run.

The course, is AMAZING.

The half marathon takes you through the waterfront trails of downtown Vancouver. You turn around and head through the Ft. Vancouver (before you ask, the big hill is there but it gives you amazing views). Then you head through a gentle loop in the Grand Central before coming back to the finish line.

The quarter marathon takes you through downtown, down to the waterfront trail, back through Ft. Vancouver and Officers Row before making it back to the finish line.

When you come back towards the finish you will be met by the firefighters of the city of Vancouver who will present you with your finishers medal and you will have a chance to enjoy a massage, a stretch session, raffle prizes and one of the most positive encouraging finish environments you will find. I have ran it twice, and the support on the course is truly energizing, and the finish line is truly about ladies supporting each other.

And I mentioned the guys. This is a ladies only event unless you become part of the Pink Brigade. These are brave guys who go out of their way to raise 500 dollars for the cause; and that gives them the chance to be one of the only 50 guys who are allowed to run with the girls.

YES GUYS; 50 guys to 3,000 girls.

On top of all this; there is a kids mini marathon which makes it a perfect event for the entire family.

The amazing thing about Girlfriends is since they have started; they have raised over $350,000 dollars for Breast Cancer awareness; which makes it a one of a kind event in the NW.

I can’t encourage you enough to get involved with this event. It is truly a special event for a special cause.

Please check out the link for more details

Why Racing Presents: Girlfriends Half and Quarter Marathon

And check out the following video: You will get why this is so amazing.