Ugh… Between business, stuff for the family and just plain old chaos I have not had the chance to write anything that is not business related in this blog as of late. And there is a lot of random stuff in my head right now.

And yes, the headline is professional wrestling related. I am in a better mood with wrestling now that the queen is back. (Excuse me while I do some insane skipping)

Let me do a wide open address. Ever since I opened this blog and stated I would be willing to do product reviews. I keep getting invites for supplements. 99 percent of them are for supplements that are full of things I can’t even begin to imagine what they are. What gets me is I see bloggers I used to respect schlepping them. And I don’t even think they know what they are talking about.

If you read my blog and want me to review your supplement. Please don’t bother. The only ones I am willing to do anything for are things I already use, because I have a picky tummy. I am a Nuun Ambassador, but I have been a user for a long time so for me that was a natural fit. (It is one of the few things that I can do on the run other then Gatorade that does not twist up my tummy.) I am now a big fan of Rengade Roast Coffee, but I bought that out of pocket to try it after hearing about some of the things they do. (And let me be blunt, if you see me pre morning coffee, you get why coffee is necessary.)

This blog will never be about making money. It will always be my chalk board about what works, what does not, what I have learned on this crazy journey. There are some opportunities that have opened up to me because I have been willing to put this out there. But I will only take opportunities that make sense for me to take and are in line with what I am working towards. There are some weeks I might not write anything from my personal voice. Manly because I am moody with my writing at times.

Speaking of opportunities.

IMG_6165I am excited that The SF Marathon has brought me back as an ambassador to this years race. Last year was truly one of the most amazing experiences I have had as a runner. I met some of the most amazing people and made friendships that have truly been a gift. On top of that, I ran a course that literally took my breath away. To borrow one of the sarcastic wrestling lines.

It’s once in a life time twice.

Despite the fact that my outside running life has challenged the amount of time I can spend racing this year. SF had faith in me to raise their banner. (PS use TSFM2015Bonnie and save 25.00) That to me means the world.

I will freely admit. Last year that was my hardest marathon and I did and I was not as ready as even I wanted to be. I am trying to make it a point this year to focus on making to SF in the best shape I can get myself into between work, trying to make stuff happen in my life.

Despite all of this.

There is so much I wish I could be doing right now. I just do not have the resources to do it all.

Oh.. One of those random musings.

It’s funny how fake and negative people have been around me have been as of late. I can’t pin point people but that’s because it has been multiple people. The problem is at points I have let it bring me down. But thanks to a friend, I got focused on just being me. Now I am laughing at these people again.

It’s amazing how aware of this you get.

Enough random musings. Things with my client at are getting crazy busy (this is not a bad thing). Seriously, if you are a sports fan and you have not checked out what you are doing. You are missing out on something amazing.