Hey West Coast Fitness Peeps:

March’s challenge is EXCELLENT!!

Your goal is to ride and reach 1,000 points by the end of march. Each ride you do has a certain amount of points based on the elevation of course, so you can choose how you tackle it. You don’t have to ride a ton of longer rides, you can split it between several different rides. If you make 1,000 points you will earn the right to have the Big Wheel logo on your profile and of course if you like the t-shirt you can purchase that as well.

Even if you don’t think you can ride for the 1,000 points, you can help our gym clumb up the leaderboard because literally EVERY POINT COUNTS.

This will start March 1. The graphic will tell you which rides= what points. (They all count other then the real basics). I will also drop a list off at the gym.

01 - Flyer (Web)

Good luck!