In December of last year, our gym, West Coast Fitness brought in a lot of amazing new equipment. One of the funnest pieces was Interactive Fitness Expresso Bikes. The best way to describe these bikes is they are video games attached to in our case, spin bikes. For tri-athletes the best way to describe them is a trainer. They have rides of varying lengths, varying elevations and something called the Dragon Chase. (Which I will talk about in a future blog)

For me, who has the attention span of a flea when it comes to bikes, or treadmills. These had been such a refreshing change. These bikes are challenging and leave me in a puddle of sweat each and every time that I am on them.

Each month the company behind the bikes sets up a different challenge for riders. These challenges are meant to motivate riders to spend more time on the bike, motivate them to push themselves hard and commit to a big goal. If you accomplish the challenge you win a badge for your profile and you can purchase the shirt related to the jersey for that challenge.

On top of that each gym has a team captain (at West Coast that is me!) to help motivate and answer any questions that could come up.

I have yet to be able to complete a challenge, they have either been too monstrous or they have been right in the middle of training for something else. This month with my transition into my “running for fun” project and my desire to try some different challenges, this month turned out to be the first month I could try for one and this one was one of the biggest ones they offer.

Vuelta a Expresso, is 106 miles in 21 different workouts. Again, they go from easy to a couple in the more challenging category. This one was a true endurance challenge. But again it was meant to inspire and push and that it did.

Yesterday, I became one of… As of today 320 some riders nationwide to finish. I am really super proud of it because it was a lot of work.

I can’t say it enough. If you have any of the Interactive Fitness products at your gym. I can’t recommend them enough. They are fun ways to take the boring out of your cardio.